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Around the World with AntiHero

Around the World with AntiHero

Let’s face it. The lives that many of us have chosen don’t allow us to fling ourselves out in to the world to just wander. Maybe we do it in small doses – a trip here and there. And maybe some of us don’t find a way to do it at all.

Thankfully there is an army of other motorcyclists who share the view from their visor. As they send back images and dispatches from the road, they can help to feed your dreams until the time that you find yourself out there in the world.

This is currently my favorite world traveler. He’s taking me around the world with him and doesn’t even know it.


You may have seen his Ducati Panigale trip threads on ADVrider.

I like to follow him on Instagram too:

#ducati #panigale #rtw

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Regarding Instagram

I know some people are sensitive about using Instagram. They don’t want someone else owning their images. Fair enough. But, if you register an account you can still follow, comment and search the app without ever posting a photo yourself.

You can of course still look at a user’s profile on Instagram without logging in. But, you can’t search the site for users and hashtags so you’d need to know who you’re looking for and navigate there directly.

The sheer number of images that are posted on the service is staggering. And some of them are downright incredible.

Photo Rally Bonus Hunting – Links, Books, Google Maps

Photo Rally Bonus Hunting – Links, Books, Google Maps

With photo bonus rallies being in the forefront of my riding-mind lately, I thought I would offer up some of the resources that I use to find interesting locations to ride to and places to see.

Blogs, Websites & Books

There are so many corners of the internet that can help to fuel your desire to get out and explore. The following books, blogs and websites  are just some of the ones I find helpful in searching for places to visit.

Blogs & Websites Books

I have also found that searching sites like Flickr, Pinterest, ADVRider also offer some good inspiration for thing to research and visit.

If you have a location in mind that you’d like to visit, chamber of commerce, city or town websites often prove to be good places to look for historical landmarks.

You can also try Googling for interesting KML files and maps. For example – say you’re interested in Old Long Island Burial Grounds. Perhaps someone has already done the work for you and was kind enough to share it with the world.

Sure, nothing beats good old fashioned riding by the seat of your pants, serendipity and exploring – but these links might help you get on the road to something you hadn’t thought of before.

Google Maps

If you’re anything at all like me, you spend an awful lot of time sitting at a desk each week. During these (seemingly endless) hours, my mind wanders to thoughts of places that I’d like to ride to.

And… just as soon as the ideas enter my mind, it seems they’re on the way out again. So, I’ve taken to marking these spots onto a custom Google Map. I then export the placemarks and put the waypoints into my GPS.

Creating Custom Google Maps

Google offers the following video on creating your own maps:

After you’ve created your custom map, you can go back and add, delete and edit entries at any time. Just select your maps from ‘My Places’ on the left hand side of your GMaps screen.

I created a map for the E2E Rally that I keep adding placemarks to so I don’t forget where I want to go. Eventually.

Example Google Map with Placemarks

Just something to keep in mind when using Google Maps – if you just enter a word or phrase like saaaay – “post office” into the search field, it will pop up a ton of locations that you can then click and Save to Map.

search for locations

That makes finding specific things and saving them to your map a snap.

example save to map

GPSVisualizer – Convert KML to GPX

[edit] WOOHOO! The 4/1/13 Basecamp update provides KML support!

Google Maps allows you to export your custom map points out to a KML file. Since I cannot use a KML file in Garmin’s BaseCamp to ultimately load into my Zumo 665, I need to convert the KML file to a GPX file.

For that I use the great GPSVisualizer website.

On the surface it might sound like a lot of work, but it takes about 3 minutes to get your Google Maps KML, convert it to GPX and load it into BaseCamp.

Garmin BaseCamp

When I have a GPX file, I then drop it into Garmin’s BaseCamp. From there I can load the waypoints into my Zumo and have the ability to create routes.

I organize my waypoints into collections in BaseCamp by rally name or maybe by type so that I can easily find them on the GPS when I’m on the go.

Odds and Ends

After I’ve visited a location, I sometimes remove it from my Zumo ‘favorites’ just to cut down on the clutter or if I think it is a place I might not ever feel the need to navigate to again.

If I’m just floating around, going nowhere in particular – I let the ‘favorites’ screen on the Zumo stay visible. A quick glance will let me know how close I am to the nearest waypoints I’ve saved.

Good luck and happy exploring!

If you have any other recommendations or tips please leave a comment!


Fabulous Celebrity Alert! Interviewed at RideADV.com

Fabulous Celebrity Alert! Interviewed at RideADV.com

RideADV.comI have somehow managed to find two seconds to write this post in my downtime between jet setting and canoodling. Being a fabulous celebrity moto-blogger is quite time consuming, you know.
::bored sigh::

😆 Yea, right!

I was tickled pink to be interviewed by the sexy people at RideADV.com. I met Eric, their founder at an AltRider event in Pennsylvania in 2011. Little did I know that he would be my ticket to fame and fortune!

I would love it if you’d take a peek at the interview there and let me know what you think.

Ride Adventures is a motorcycle tour and rental company that can act as your tour operator, travel agent and/or travel advisor. Have you thought about taking a riding trip to a far away place like Peru, Columbia, Australia or even an adventure ride on the Trans-Wisconsin Trail? Ride Adventures knows how to turn your dream into reality.

Thanks bunches!

Get Your Motorcycle Tweet Fix with #Motochat

Get Your Motorcycle Tweet Fix with #Motochat

Fuzzygalore on TwitterI’ve heard many people say that they just “don’t get Twitter”. Well, gorgeous, what I’ve come to learn about Twitter is that your experience there is only as good as the people or topics you choose to follow. So here is one tip for you:


Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST motorcyclists from all over the world come together to chat about motorcycles for an hour. Covering a different topic each week, their posts are found on Twitter using the hashtag #motochat. It’s a great way to talk about a topic that you love and to find interesting people to follow.

#Motochat is the brainchild of @johncloonan. Thanks, John!

Need a crash course in Twitter?

Are you already on Twitter?

Where can we find you? Leave a comment with your username below.

You can find me on Twitter @fuzzygalore Clever, right?!

Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

For the past few days, one post on this here blog has just caught fire. It was: Here It Is! The Greatest Road Sign In The World. I wish I knew the formula that makes that happen. Whatever it is that sparked peoples imagination – I’m grateful.

My dear friend Pimmie happened to see the photo posted on a Dutch motorcycle site:

Hello & Thank You! 

So, on the heels of all of these new folks coming around I just wanted to say Welcome and Thanks for Reading!

And to those of you who’ve been around for a while now – you’re like my favorite unicorn wool sweater… just awesome.

So… You Come Here Often?

Why don’t you take a minute and say Hi? How about telling me where you’re from and maybe what bike you’re riding? How about telling me where your blog is or your astrological sign? You know – that getting to know you chit-chat.

If you’ve been a silent lurker who didn’t know how to jump in – now’s your chance to say something. You’ll get extra style points for making me laugh.

Thanks, Everybody.
You guys and dolls are the greatest readers a little pink motorcycle blog could ever hope for.