Vintage Russian Chaika Motorcycle Watch

Vintage Russian Chaika Motorcycle Watch

Can you imagine my delight when I opened the little golden Christmas box to find this inside?

Chaika motocross watch

It is a Russian watch called a Chaika. My dear friend Greg went on the hunt to find it for me as a complement to the Ural. He even found a sweet orange band to match. I was so completely knocked out when I saw it.

It is no secret that I am a sentimental fool. This is especially true at Christmas time. When I stop and think about the efforts and care that people put into doing something to make you smile – it’s like I don’t even know how to process that. It can be so humbling. I may have even got a bit misty eyed. But just a little! 

Have I mentioned lately that I’m incredibly lucky?

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  1. Perfect! I am sentimental, too. I would much rather receive a gift that means something, you know, that someone put thought into, than a bunch of stuff that was purchased and given because it is the thing to do.

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