Sometimes a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain – Buy Right, Buy Once

How many times over the years have you bought yourself some ‘bargain’ motorcycle gear, trying to save a couple bucks – only to end up spending more money and buying something to replace it?

On the flip side, have you ever been let down by gear that cost a premium?

Sidi Adventure GORE-TEX

I really didn’t want to spend the loot to buy my Sidi Adventure GORE-TEX boots. But, now that I’ve had them for a while ~ I’m glad I did, they were worth it to me. Dry feet are a thing of beauty.


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12 Responses

  1. Gypsy E.T. says:

    “On the flip side, have you ever been let down by gear that cost a premium?”

    Emphatically, yes. I bought a pair of Aerostitch’s Combat Lite boots made by Sidi. They are easily the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought to wear. Unfortunately, they’re sized with European sizing, and apparently I’m between Euro sizes. I kept them, thinking they’d break in, but it just hasn’t happened. Don’t get me wrong – the build quality is great, but my feet just don’t fit them, and now it’s way too late to return them. Last time I buy footwear by mail/internet.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I will never understand full sizing only. I wear a half size also but am close enough to wear a size 40 in Sidi, which is the smallest size they seem to stock in some “men’s” boots.

      That really stinks that your boots don’t fit 🙁 Are they new enough to unload on ebay or something?

      I have measured my feet with a tape measure and bought euro shoes/boots that way. Sometimes a retailer will offer actual inside sole measurements.

      I hope you find something more suitable for your piggies.

    • Dominik says:

      I have never really bought cheap gear except for a jacket for an ex girlfriend and that quality made in Pakistan generic lasted a whooping 6 weeks before a seem popped.

      On the other hand I bought a pair of Sidi boots over ten years ago and finally retired them. Not becuse something failed but I literally wore holes in the soles!

      On to a pair of Alpinestars SMX5’s now to see how much I can squeeze out of them!

  2. I learned the hard way many years ago that it *generally* pays to buy the best gear one can afford. Beyond the obvious crash-worthiness concerns, being drier/warmer/cooler helps make one a better rider because it reduces distractions and encourages riding in conditions one might otherwise forego. Plus, I’ve seen friends spending more in the long run to periodically replace gear while I’m still wearing the same stuff they criticized as being too expensive.

  3. Trobairitz says:

    Yes yes. More than once I have bought less expensive gear and been let down.

    I sure didn’t want to pay the price I did for my Rev’it gear and Sidi boots, but I like being warm and DRY.

    Although I am not enthralled completely with the Rev’it Siren jacket. I am looking for a replacement. One with two layers instead of 3.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I’m totally with you. Being warm & dry is where it’s at.

      I haven’t seen the Siren. I’m still wearing the Sand jacket. Have you checked out She may have a good suggestion as a replacement.

  4. Dar/Scooterpie says:

    I am all about getting better gear. I learned my lesson the hard way with gear. My jacket, pants, boots and gloves were all lower quality and they failed me when it counted and I ended up being one very unhappy customer and returning the whole lot and seriously upgrading. It is all about trial and error in the beginning. I found as a newb motorcyclist the expenses were overwhelming and I had committed to riding ATGATT, unfortunately this meant getting in the gear market at the base level. I have since learned a bargain is not always a bargain because of the frustration, inconvenience and then having to try and get better gear.

    Being warm and dry makes for a happy motorcyclists who is safe because they aren’t thinking of how cold they are.

  5. Chris says:

    love my Sidi boots. on my second pair.

  6. RichardM says:

    When I first saw the picture and the title of your post, I thought that you were really disappointed in the Sidi boot….

  7. Been there done that. I got a closet full of gear. It took a while before I realized good gear makes for good rides…

  8. Someone once warned me that if I bought an Arai helmet I would never buy another brand of motorcycle helmet again. I thought that was the lamest sales pitch I ever heard.

    They were right.

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