You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If…

You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If…

  • You’ve had the Velcro from your riding pants stick to your tights when changing after your commute to work.
  • You’ve ever found a tire pressure gauge in your makeup bag.
  • You have a Kryptonite lock in your purse.
  • You’ve painted your nails black or blue or some other dark color to hide their grubbiness.
  • Helmet hair is the look you were going for.
  • You’ve used a ROKSTRAP on your handbag.
  • You’ve ever found an “emergency tampon” tucked in a pocket of your riding jacket.
  • You have a stash of black ponytail rubber bands on your mirror stalk.
  • You have a pair of cute shoes next to the tire-plugger kit in your saddlebag.
  • Dress over riding pants? Perfectly normal.

During my commute this morning, I realized that all of these things happen to me.

Cute shoes in my sidebag

Can You Relate?

Do you have others to add to the list?

22 Replies to “You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If…”

  1. I have been guilty of one or two of those. I agree, they are funny because they are true.

    And ’emergency supplies” aren’t just found in my riding jacket, they are found in my riding pants too, lol. One can never be too careful.

    I have also had to trim my fingernails when they get too long because they hit the ends of my riding gloves.

  2. Nothing like trying to shimmy a nice pencil skirt over your riding pants in the parking lot of a fancy restaurant. πŸ˜€

    I keep the black ponytail holders on a small carabiner in my tankbag. πŸ™‚

    The Velcro+tights thing is SUPER ANNOYING especially when it causes a run. Naturally it only happens on the commute *into* work, never when you arrive home.

    1. This happened to me yesterday, the Velcro snagged them & ruined them. Good thing I keep a spare pair at work.

  3. I’m with crusingirl, I prefer to tuck into the riding pants rather than over them, I keep a hair clip clipped to the mirror, I adore the look of riding boots with a skirt (when you forget your shoes!) and never get tired of hearing, “You look like you’re dressed in your snowsuit!”

    1. How do you keep your dress from becoming a wrinkled mess? If i tuck in… it doesn’t work so well. Are you picking certain fabrics that help keep the wrinkles at bay?

  4. Yes to a lot of these.
    For the most part, I’d already given up make-up, cute shoes, and nail polish. Cut my hair waist-length hair a couple years ago. πŸ™‚

  5. No chick problems here but I seriously consider shaving my head today so I could ride to work without coming in with helmet hair. We have a dress code……

  6. Maybe if I was a commuter, I’d have more of these issues. I do always have the emergency stash. And, like Princess Scooterpie, will not hesitate to carry my helmet around on particularly bad hair days. Although now that my hair is really short, that may not be a problem. No ponytail holders either.

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