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You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If…

You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If…

  • You’ve had the Velcro from your riding pants stick to your tights when changing after your commute to work.
  • You’ve ever found a tire pressure gauge in your makeup bag.
  • You have a Kryptonite lock in your purse.
  • You’ve painted your nails black or blue or some other dark color to hide their grubbiness.
  • Helmet hair is the look you were going for.
  • You’ve used a ROKSTRAP on your handbag.
  • You’ve ever found an “emergency tampon” tucked in a pocket of your riding jacket.
  • You have a stash of black ponytail rubber bands on your mirror stalk.
  • You have a pair of cute shoes next to the tire-plugger kit in your saddlebag.
  • Dress over riding pants? Perfectly normal.

During my commute this morning, I realized that all of these things happen to me.

Cute shoes in my sidebag

Can You Relate?

Do you have others to add to the list?

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