Meeting a Rockstar on the Trail

Meeting a Rockstar on the Trail

One of the things that I’ve always said interest me about off-road riding is that you have the opportunity to see things that you might not when you’re on your streetbike. Getting to see animals that aren’tย squished is always a treat.

On our last ride, Chloe and I saw deer and a red fox. For a kid who loves animals that was a major score. But, my favorite animal of the day was Rockstar Horse. He was hanging out doing horse-things with his friends in a corral at the edge of the property.

Chloe and Mommy

We parked our bikes up on a hill and walked down to take a look. I’ve heard it said that horses get kind of creeped out when they can’t see your eyes, so Chloe and I took our helmets off as we approached them.

Rockstar Horse

Check out that sweet Andy Warhol hairdo!

Look at ‘im. He’s all hipster-pony and “Whatevs, I was totally into Band of Horses before they got big.” ย I just love this guy.

Do horses get winter coats or are some just naturally more shaggy than others?

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    1. I must be REALLY tired lately. I’m having problems with reading comprehension. I read “Horse-tastic” instead of fanatic and thought.. you work with a horse?

      ๐Ÿ˜† Need more coffee.

  1. Ahhhh…so cute!
    Yes they grow winter coats unless covered with a blanket to prevent it. The smaller they are the fuzzier they seem to get!

    Also the small cute ones – are usually the orneriest!
    I know. I had a pony named Satan…and his name fit his personality.

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