Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry

Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry

What is it about boarding a ferry on your bike that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere even when that somewhere is less than a mile away?

Greenport - Shelter Island Ferry

On the eastern end of Long Island, to get from one fork to the other you can hop the ferry in either Greenport or Sag Harbor and use lovely Shelter Island as your cut through.

the forks of Long Island

Of course while you’re there, it would be a shame to miss out on riding around the island’s quiet lanes.

I’ve heard it said that Shelter Island has a New England-y feel to it. It’s hard for me to tell because I have been there enough times for it to only feel like Shelter Island. I guess you’ll just have to go and decide for yourself.

Tiger of the Ferry

Even though the ride on both boats is all of 5 minutes, you still get the sensation that you’re heading off on an adventure.

Perception is everything.

11 Replies to “Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry”

    1. This is actually a sore subject. I am riddled with guilt about not riding it as much. I did ride it last week though and am happy to report – it is just as fabulous as it has always been 🙂

  1. Just pray that the ‘Powers That Be’ don’t decide to build a bridge across and make the ferry redundant. This happend in Scotland for one of the crossings onto the Isle of Skye. The romance of the Isle, in our oponion, is now like a deflated dream.

    Speed bonnie bike, like a bird on the wing
    Over the bridge to Skye….

    Sure don’t sound the same :o(

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