Moto Photo: Welcome to New York

Moto Photo: Welcome to New York

On the Long Island north shore’s far eastern end is the town of Orient. From there you can catch a ferry to New London, Connecticut. Or – exit the ferry from New London as it were, here on the Island.

When you roll off of the Long Island bound ferry, you are greeted by a big green sign that in my case, tells me I’m home.

Welcome to New York Sign Orient

Do you have a picture of your bike in front of your home state’s “Welcome” sign?

10 Replies to “Moto Photo: Welcome to New York”

  1. I have another one coming into NY from up near Niagara Falls. Took a trip across the country and tried to get all the state signs, got about 17/21 I believe!

  2. Hey Matt 🙂

    17 out of 21 is pretty impressive! If you have the pics posted in a blog online, you should share the link!

    I always mean to stop to grab the state signs but I never seem to do it 🙁 I probably have a couple but only a handful.

    Ah, well – I guess I’ll have to revisit some of those places one day!

      1. Unfortunately I don’t remember what road it was specifically but looking at my route I think it was 219.

    1. It sounds like we’re peas in a pod.
      I have many “missions” too. One might say, too many 😆

      You know, I think you should skip work today and go on your mission right now!

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