Godspeed, Gino

Godspeed, Gino

On New Years Eve, Long Island lost a well-loved fixture of the motorcycling community with the passing of Gino Palma.

Gino on his 1945 Harley-Davidson

I first met Gino some time around 2003 in Port Jefferson. We had a connection over our love of Ducati Superbikes. At the time, I rode a 996 but Gino,… he had a beautiful Bostrom replica 998 – a bike that was a rare sight. Seeing a man north of 75 years old riding it – well, that just spoke volumes about the type of guy he was.

With a perpetual twinkle in his eye, Gino was always good for a smile, laugh and stories of riding. Everyone was always glad to see him come wheeling in to town. He was just a special guy. His loss will be felt by many.

Ginos Ducati 998 Bostrom Replica Superbike

Godspeed, Gino. You will be missed.

4 Replies to “Godspeed, Gino”

  1. Hi Fuzzy;
    thanks for blogging about our On the Road Again tree in Stony Brook! It was a fun thing to do once it got nasty out.

    It was kind of you to say goodbye to Gino; he was a low-key wonder; just a nice guy and a heck of an inspiration.
    See you on the road…

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