Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures

Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures

When the first snow of this winter fell, Kenny went out to see what it felt like to ride in it. Being that neither of our DRZs have studs in their tires, it was just a quick run around the neighborhood. You know – for scientific purposes.

As an observer there was something beautiful about seeing the orange glow of his headlight slowly making it’s way through the whirling snowflakes. While the snow started to accumulate the world outside had a very flat, muffled sound. There was no noise except for the gentle thump of his engine.

He would be the first to admit that riding on the snow without studs is, well.. probably not a great idea. Your mileage may vary.

ADVrider has a winter riding picture thread you should check out. There are some great photos of motorcycles in the snow. Enjoy!

Frosty ZX6R seat in Yellowstone Park

8 Replies to “Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures”

  1. Beautiful! I wanna give it a go! First, we need snow in Oregon! Looks fun, kinda curious about how easy it was to ride without any special tires…was it extremely slick or what?

  2. So far we have missed the snow in Oregon but my little electric Enertia wants to play in it in the worst way. Harley is too big to play in it, poor Harley! Today, we got a hint of flakes so we are hoping for the best! Guna have to ride in it …You know – for scientific purposes. 😉

    Hope to see you at the International Motorcycle Show in NYC!!

  3. If your interested in studded tires, a good friend of mine makes dual sport studded tires. I can pass along his info. -Crusty

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