I Spy: A Peraves Ecomobile on the Fluelapass

I Spy: A Peraves Ecomobile on the Fluelapass

While riding on the Fluelapass in Switzerland we passed an Ecomobile. You can file that under something you don’t see everyday!

What am I talking about? It’s a Swiss BMW K-bike powered, enclosed motorcycle with outrigger wheels that come down when you slow to a stop. I think the model might be called a Monotracer, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Ecomobile Monotracer on the Fluelapass in Switzerland

I’m not sure if it’s a wee bit of the claustrophobia talking or what, but something about the idea of riding in one of these bubbles creeps me out. How about you? Would you ride in one?

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  1. The bike in the picture is indeed a Peraves made Ecomobile. The only model available new today is the “gen 2” model from Peraves, the Monotracer. See both new and used models at http://www.peraves.ch. Peraves are a Swiss company and they won the Automotive X-Prize this summer with their electric E-Tracer. It’s all over YouTube. E-Tracer production will begin in the USA at some point…

    I can tell you from personal experience that the ride in an Ecomobile is out of this world. I am a K-bike rider, but can tell you that I would have an Eco or Mono in my garage if I could make it work…but they’re a bit pricey. Perhaps when the kids are out of college!

  2. Yes, riding in an enclosed bubble does seem creepy, but I applaud moving people from huge SUVs to smaller vehicles. There are going to be more and more various options becoming available and that’s good.

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