Long Island: Roadside Giant the Mr. Millennium Snowman

Long Island: Roadside Giant the Mr. Millennium Snowman

Okay, everybody. Let’s give a nice warm welcome to Mr. Millennium! “Hiiiiii, Mister Millennium.”

He stands ever-smiling, braving the elements in front of North Sea Auto Radiator. Hmm. Auto radiators… yea, that seems like a likely place for a 20ft snowman.

Mr Millenium Giant Hamptons Snowman

When I pulled over on the shoulder to take his picture, I took my helmet off. I don’t usually do that when I stop for a snap-and-go-photo. After taking the picture  I put my camera away in my tailpack and stood momentarily looking at him in all his dirty snow glory. I heard someone say ‘are you okay?’ in the distance and thought nothing of it. Then it came again, ‘Miss, are you okay?’ I turned, smiled and waved and said I was fine.

Now, I’m left to wonder if seeing my un-helmeted head makes people think there is something wrong with me or he didn’t get why anyone would be looking at the giant snowman. Tough call.

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  1. LOL … had to laugh at that …

    I’m notorious for bad helmet hair! I walked into a restaurant once and (I KID YOU NOT) a dear woman and her husband rushed up to me in the foyer and asked if I was okay and if anyone else was hurt!!!

    Now THAT is EPIC helmet hair 🙂

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