Motorcycles and Sombreros Don’t Mix

Motorcycles and Sombreros Don’t Mix

On the day that I decided to drop my bike at the gas station I was heading out to take a picture of a giant sombrero that was previously an ADV tag-o-rama tag. To add insult to injury (hey, I did break a nail) the sombrero was a little bit of a letdown. I must confess I had pretty high hopes for it. Sadly, it was a little worse for wear.

It was like… ray-ee-ain on your wedding day. A free ride when you’ve already paid. Some good advice that you just didn’t take or maybe even like riding 50 miles out of your way to see a giant Mexican hat that sits on top of an out of business restaurant called the Mexican Hut that has nautical accoutrements like nets and buoys that seem decidedly un-Mexican Hut-like hanging on it only to throw your motorcycle down in front of 2 Russian gentlemen at a gas pump.


Triumph Speed Triple and a giant Sombrero

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