Into the Fog – A ride to Montauk, Long Island

Into the Fog – A ride to Montauk, Long Island

Kenny and I had Saturday completely free. It is a rare treat for both of us to have a full weekend day to ourselves where there isn’t a single appointment, someone coming to visit, something to fix… you know how it goes. That’s life. I suppose that is what makes those completely free days really sweet when they do come along.

Of course I woke up bubbling with curiosity and excitement about the GS. This would be my first opportunity to go out for a full day ride on it. The sun was out, the weather was warm, we needed to hit the road! I didn’t feel like trudging off the island so, into the sunrise we went. Or so we thought.

The further east we got, the cooler it became. A nice low fog pressed down on us from below a blue sky that seemed just out of reach. In our typically un-fancy way, we grabbed some sandwiches and sat down by the water for lunch. The quickly lifting fog made way for the sunshine to warm our backs as we sat. Another simple and lovely moment in a long string of happy times.

Montauk Harbor


Jetty at Montauk Harbor


Crudmop at Montauk Harbor

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