Non-Moto: A Walk in the Woods

Non-Moto: A Walk in the Woods

It was a gorgeous winter day out yesterday. Kenny and I spent a few hours just moseying around the Muttontown Preserve. After re-reading The Great Gatsby and Nelson DeMille’s book The Gold Coast I have found great curiosity in the estates and homes that have in the past and in some cases still pepper the relatively small area known as Long Island’s Gold Coast. The immense wealth and decadence is amazing. We walked quietly through what was left of the snow, poking around the ruins of the Knollwood Estate. It is now nothing more than a sad, lonesome speck of its former glory – a true ruin. With each passing year, the Earth takes a little more of her space back and the memory of Knollwood fades even further in to the past.

In it’s former glory:


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