A ship floating in the abyss

Do you ever feel like a ship floating out in the abyss. Almost invisible. Surrounded by things that all blend together. The clouds belong to the water and the water to the sky. You are the only odd man out. But sometimes, if someone looks close enough to see, you are there. Sometimes, it just takes someone willing to scan the horizon to find you.

I actually ran out of gas today. Less than 1 mile from the place I was praying I’d make it to on time. Bowing down below that orange glow with the gaspump on it. Please.. please gas light, just one more mile, I need to get home. That bitch laughed in my face as i coasted down the exit ramp. Serves me right. Stupid is as stupid does.

Some guy on a bicycle who rode by me said ‘I bet you’re hating the rain right now…’ as he watched me push a 400+lb motorcycle towards the gas station. You know what fuckbag? The rain is the least of my worries right now. Go play in traffic.


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4 Responses

  1. Crud says:

    AWESOME Del – great shots! Man, I need to visit that place PRONTO! 🙂

  2. yell says:

    Be my guest, Kenny…..ANYTIME!
    I guess the place does look kinda nice when you look at it in this way…and the sun is shining! Like you guys, I guess I don’t take the time to appreciate what’s on my doorstep!

  3. Markus says:

    “You know what fuckbag? The rain is the least of my worries right now. Go play in traffic.”

    Freaking Classic!

    I’ve got a similar one for ya…
    After heading out slightly “too far” on my newly acquired ’71 Tiger, the thing stopped. Kick, Kick, sputter, sputter..almost to life but nothing. (ended up being one stupid electrical connection)
    As I’m pushing this dated hunk of junk down through the neighborhoods….wearing full black leather in Texas….periodically stopping attempt a push start, or to kick with all my might in hope of a start. I’m freaking getting heat exhaustion.
    This little delinquent that should have been in school saw me attempting my kick-start routine and says “you know, you really shouldn’t kick it so hard”.
    I had no energy to even come up with a “fuckoff” at that point.

  4. Crud says:

    The only thing more aggrivating is the jackass who pulls up with the A/C cranking, asking “aren’t you hot in at leather?”

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