This morning I saw an article on Ultimate Motorcycling by Ron Lieback. It was called 7 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding. I shared it on my Facebook page. As the morning rolled on I saw the same article shared on other motorcycle-related pages as well. Being the curious type, I clicked through and read some of the comments people were leaving on the different pages.

One of the common sentiments that some commenters responded with was along the lines of you should just drive a car.


Thank GOD you’re here because that thought NEVER would have crossed anyones mind. A car? What a great idea.

News Flash:
Some people WANT to ride their motorcycles all year round.

Yes, their level of success and tolerance is varied and based on many things which are personal to them. But the idea that all motorcyclists who experience winter conditions should do any one thing is just ridiculous.

You Know What You Should Do?

Very seldom has that phrase been uttered to me followed by something that I actually wanted to do. I really think what people mean is you know what I would do? And that’s fine. They should just go ahead and do that.

Offering suggestions or tips on ways you’ve succeeded at doing something is one thing – but the minute someone gets preachy with their information or takes a tact like they know what’s best for someone else it bugs the crap outta me. Even if what they mean is you might like x, y or z ~ the way they say it is just as important as what they’re saying. Some “experts” are freakin’ annoying.

I’m looking forward to continuing my riding through the winter. Again.

a dusting of snow and KTMs