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Family Treasures: Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Photos

While visiting my parents over the Christmas holiday, I poked through some old photos looking for pictures of my dad and his motorcycles. I did find 2 from the 1950’s. I *think* he said the green one was a Harley Davidson 1950 FLH 74? Admittedly I know zero about Harley Davidson models so I would appreciate any guidance if I made a mistake.

My Dad on his 1950 Harley Davidson
My Pop on one of his Harley Davidsons - 1950's
My Dad on his 1950's Harley Davidson
My Dad the Town Hooligan - 1950's

My love of motorcycles seems to have passed on to me from my dad. I love hearing stories about his youth. Having photographs of him from that time are priceless to me.



Family Treasures: Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Photos: While visiting my parents over the Christm… #motorcycle


The first picture is taken in the back of a building of a hangout called “Ma Bell’s” (Not the phone company). She was a nosey old woman who wore her hair tied back in a bun and listened in on all of the conversations (pain in the ass)….

The place had a pool table without pockets and they served hamburgers, hot dogs etc. It was a small place, but drew all of the local crowd. It was one of the few biker hangouts. This was the meeting place where you would meet and decide were the evening was to be spent.


What a genuinely cool family memory.


@OG – Thanks :)
Its just one more thing I love about my parents. There is an endless supply of interesting tidbits of life that weave though their existence.


i’m jealous!!!

i’m glad you found the pictures and glad you put them up here for all of us to see.

did i mention that i’m jealous?


I love those pics Fuzz, and I love the fact that you can look at those pics with a sense of pride.


@deafptl4ever I have 2 pics dad's 50's Harley Davidsons here: They were hard to come by so I'm glad to have 'em!

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