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2015 In the Rearview Mirror

2015 In the Rearview Mirror

2015 proved to be a year with dramatic highs and lows. But when all is said and done, I’m here on the last day of the year, closing it out with hope and possibility holding each of my hands. I’m grateful to have you here reading, listening, offering advice and being my friend. Thank you.

Wishing you all the things your heart desires in 2016. Be brave, friends. Embrace your awesomeness.

Highlights from 2015

I said goodbye to old motorcycles.

I said hello to new ones : KTM & Bonneville – just because.

I made new friends who inspire me with their badassery:

And I managed to tick a few things off of the ole lifelong pursuit of fun list.

The collapsed Kinzua Bridge – Keating, PA

kinzua viaduct collpase

Bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

Tunkhannock Viaduct – Nicolson, PA

See the Banana-car

Send a postcard from Santa Claus, Indiana

Take a bicycle vacation

Randy’s Donuts

PennDot Road Sign Sculpture Garden – Meadville, Pa

penndot roadsign sculpture garden

Gemini Giant – Wilmington, Il.

World’s Largest Teapot – Chester, WV

worlds largest tea pot

Muffler Man – Uniontown, PA

Muffler Man – Rockwood, PA

rockwood muffler man

Whispering Giant – Sharon, PA

Whispering Giant, Burlington, VT

Zippo Lighter Visitors Center – Bradford, PA

zippo lighter factory

See Tall Paul Muffler Man – Illinois

The St. Louis Arch

Griffith Observatory

The Magic Garden – Philly

Mount Equinox – Vt.


Cheers to a kickass 2016. Make it happen!

Lifelong Pursuit of Fun List: Time To Start Planning for 2016

Lifelong Pursuit of Fun List: Time To Start Planning for 2016

Every morning a writing prompt from The Daily Page greets me in my mailbox. The intent is to encourage me to write something, anything each day. Ostensibly the encouragement is for this blog, but 9 times out of 10? I scribble something in my journal instead.

But today we have a winner! A topic that seems blog-worthy and quite timely as 2015 begins its wind down.

Where do you want to spend more time?


Well, that is a huge can of worms. Wait. I don’t mean that I want to spend time in a can… with worms… I mean that I want to spend time everywhere! Except work.

I guess I’d better get crackin’ on adding the bookmarks I’ve saved and notes I’ve scrawled on scraps of paper to my to-do list. That post will be coming up soon. As will a recap of things I managed to pull off in 2015. Many of which were a surprise to me.

backbone rock tunnel


What about you? Where do you want to spend more time? Have you got some curiosity that you hope to satisfy burning you up inside? Perhaps you want to spend some time “nowhere.” That is a worthwhile pursuit.

For the past couple of years I’ve earmarked a few things on my Lifelong Pursuit of Fun List and made loose goals (more like hopes) to try to see them before the calendar rolls over. Sometimes I am able to pull them off, sometimes not. The best part about that? It doesn’t matter. The wishin’ is just as important.

The “I Never Go Anywhere or Do Anything” Photo Gallery

Assorted photos of visiting places through early 2014. A work in progress.


Lifelong To-Do List

Lifelong To-Do List

As a child, I spent countless hours looking through a scrapbook of pictures, brochures, ticket stubs and postcards that my parents loosely stuffed into its pages.

Before I was a twinkle in their eyes, mom & dad spent a few months like vagabonds touring the country in my mom’s 68 Firebird. I poured over pictures of them sharing coffee over a campfire, my dad laughing as he shaved in a roadside rest stop, my gorgeous mom in her hip huggers standing in the roadway with a wild Burro. It was all so glamorous to me, so full of life and adventure.

It felt like coming full circle for me when I passed a sign in Wyoming that I had seen in one of my parents’ travel photos. I doubled back to take one of my own.

I don’t know what the sign meant to my childish mind or why I would have even remembered it out of all those pages and pictures, but time had embedded it into my subconscious. Was it the name of the town, Emblem? Was it the idea that only 10 people lived there? I can’t know. But what I do know is that it was somehow placed on my life’s To-Do list without me even realizing it.

I certainly feel like my wanderlust and love of motorcycles were passed down into the marrow of my bones from mom & dad. Maybe someday my little girl will travel over the miles that brought me joy and find happiness there, too

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