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Well Hey There, Tiger – Welcome to the Family

Well Hey There, Tiger – Welcome to the Family

Does it get on your nerves when your other half thinks that they know what’s best for you? Well, then you probably aren’t in a relationship with Kenny. Say hello to my new girl: 2011 Triumph Tiger 1050SE.

2011 Triumph Tiger SE

As my dear friend Delly from Wales would say – She’s all Singin’, All Dancin’ – Bags, ABS, Heated Grips, Centerstand, Hand guards, Gel Seat and very Tiger-y orange paint.

Against my will, this new Tiger followed me home. I know, you’re shedding a tear for me. Boo hoo! I got everything I ever wanted and more!

My New Tiger!

Go ahead, call me a jerk. But the truth is I didn’t really want a new bike. Kenny could buy himself or Chloe a new bike 10 times over and I wouldn’t care. But, I really didn’t need a new bike. It felt selfish, frivolous and unnecessary. Every time that we touched on the subject the week before pickup I immediately felt like I was going to get diarrhea. But he was adamant and like a good girlfriend I didn’t want to disappoint him.

All the way out to Hermy’s Triumph – BMW in Pennsylvania, Kenny kept saying “you aren’t excited are you?” That wasn’t really a cut and dry question to answer. It wasn’t that I was unhappy that someone was giving me a new motorcycle; I was loaded with guilt. How can you be excited when you’re feeling like you don’t deserve such a treat?

Apparently the only way to absolve yourself of such feelings is to quit bellyachin’, take your gift and just flippin’ enjoy it! 🙂

My new Tiger at Hermys

If you just got here – posts from California have featured a bike just like this one. That wasn’t my bike – it was a rental.

I haven’t scoured the web to find out what if any changes were made between this 2011 and the 2007 model (like the California rental). But I can tell you it feels different. Everything is tight and firm and of course there is the new bike smell. Nowhere to be found is the soft, pliable feel of a shagged out rental bike.

I swear the bars feel different and my gel seat is much firmer. Also – and this is a big one – the front end feels FAR more precise than the rental bike did. The rental bikes had a vagueness in front end feedback that I learned to live with. That does not exist on my bike. It feel much closer to my Speed Triple. Do I chalk that up to tires? My girl is happily sporting a pair of Pilot Roads.

As we rode the 200 miles back home from the dealer, my guilt left a wake behind me. It swirled away in an eddy on the highway and dissolved there. I didn’t need it anymore. Blondie was on to something. This bike felt FANTASTIC! May be he really does what’s best for me?

What’s that? Am I being followed by the ice cream man? I guess I forget to mention that Kenny got a Tiger for himself, too 🙂

Kennys new Tiger

I am blessed in more ways than I can describe.

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