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Double Pokey All The Way Across the Sky!

Double Pokey All The Way Across the Sky!

One afternoon in December my heart shattered into a pile of pink dust when I came home from a ride and discovered that my favorite sunglasses AND tiny Pokey missing were missing from my jacket pocket. Tragedy.

In the days following his disappearance I kept hoping that the doorbell would ring and Pokey would be there with a tiny hobo bindle, a five o’clock shadow and some great stories about eating beans next to a camp fire. Alas, my dream was just that.

Life began to get busy as it always does with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Still, tiny Pokey stayed away.

Weeks later on a cold winter night there came a knock at the door… what’s this? A box for me? Hmm.

super-sized pokey


Completely unable to contain my excitement, I broke out into some of my sweetest dance moves and chanted “super-sized Pokey with a Loooo-Jack!” over and over until my family considered lunking me over the head with a monkey wrench to shut me up. 🙂

super-sized pokey with lojack

I was elated to have a Pokey back in the game.

So you can imagine my surprise when the mailman delivered another package…

double pokey all the way


Feeling my deep sense of Pokey loss, my friends John & Ed went out in search of Pokeys to take their rightful place on the Ural. *wipes tear away*

Isn’t that beautiful?

If you happen to see tiny Pokey out there, just let him know he can still come home. Mama can never have too many little orange horses.

Sad Panda Alert: Pokey Has Gone Missing

Sad Panda Alert: Pokey Has Gone Missing

Pokey, who has been riding shotgun and making photo cameos with me for the past few months… is no more. I lost him out of my motorcycle jacket pocket along with my most favorite-est glasses. I am a sad fuzzy panda. And also an idiot.

i lost my pokey

So long, sweet Pokey. I hope you’re looking excited and amazed wherever you are. See you on the road, buddy. 🙁


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