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Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Keeping Fingers Toasty

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Keeping Fingers Toasty

Though yesterday’s 60 degree temperatures here on Long Island would have you fooled, winter is on the way. What are you doing to keep yourself warm out on the road?

Thanks to my mom completing the circuit last Christmas with a pair of Gerbing T5 Microwire gloves (see what I did there?), I now have a full suite of electric gear from Gerbing. I have a jacket liner, pants liner and gloves. I could ride through the tundra!

I sound like a broken record but, once you finally get heated gear you will ask yourself why you waited so long.

Before the gloves came along, I was using heated grips and a pair of Parts Unlimited Snow Paws handlebar muffs – most commonly referred to as Hippo Hands though that is a particular brand. If you’re on a tight budget, a pair of muffs just might be the ticket. Like anything else, prices vary but for less than $40 you can add a layer to keep the elements at bay.

Here are some past posts about cold weather gloves and muffs:

Don’t forget to tell us what keeps your digits toasty in the comments below!

DRZ in the snow - February 2010
Brrr! No heat on the DRZ!
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