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Microadventures: Bite-Sized Adventures for Busy People

Microadventures: Bite-Sized Adventures for Busy People

Just because you don’t have all the free time in the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t have tons of fun. Change your mindset with a microadventure.

On more than one occasion I’ve questioned the idea or concept of adventure. Mostly what it has become to mean in media.

If you asked a 10-year-old what an adventure is, it might not extend beyond camping out in the tree fort in the woods behind their house. But to those with an internet connection, at least 20 years worth of rotating around the sun and a motorcycle license – well, it seems like we’ve got a larger yardstick to measure adventure against. And you know? That kinda stinks.

Like many people in the Northeast, this winter has been rough for me. I haven’t been able to find my footing and make the best of it. Instead, I’ve wallowed in self-pity and have wrestled with a nasty case of the sads 🙁 . I feel like I haven’t done anything or gone anywhere or had any damn fun ever, ever, ever, never in my whole life. Ever. I’m on the emotional rollercoaster careening down a hill at warp speed.

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Microadventures: Improve your life a little at a time

This weekend I felt especially fuck it all. As I was contemplating why I am such a loser and scrolling through all the smiling faces and fun times in my Facebook feed, I saw a post from Outside Magazine: Improve Your Life with Microadventures – You need to upend your boring routine, but it doesn’t take much.

I quickly glanced around to see if someone was looking over my shoulder. Clearly, they wrote that headline for me. Yes, I need to improve my life! I need to upend my boring routine! And I sure as hell don’t want it to take much! A sign. That’s what that was, right there, a sign.

So, I read on. That’s when I saw a link to Alastair Humphreys. After many epic undertakings, he is pushing the microadventure agenda.

Microadventures are about squeezing all the curiosity and interestingness out of those hours when you aren’t dealing with “real life.”

Do you have a day job and only weekends off? Are you paying for a kid or two in college? Maybe you can’t wrap your head around going around the country for four months – but maybe you can wrap your head around doing something for 4 or 12 or 24 hours.

When you have the right mindset, you can find yourself having a great time without being mired down by some grand expectation of what an adventure is.

Bite-sized adventure. I like it! Maybe it’ll be a ride to a state park for a hike or a trip to a lookout at the top of a mountain. Who knows?

Let’s do this!

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