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I’ll Never Need Anything More Than This

I’ll Never Need Anything More Than This

When I get home from work lately, I have to force myself not to slug-out on the couch with the tv on. Between my laziness and the high heat, my riding has been limited to early mornings and evenings. One of the best parts of this riding schedule is the sky. It’s been on fire lately. Sometimes that’s enough to make everything alright.

After dinner last night, I forced myself to get out of the house. If I didn’t twist my own arm I would’ve spent the evening feeding my anxiety monster with news. As I squeaked around the hallway in my Sidis getting myself ready to go out, Kenny suggested I take his new-to-him KTM 990 out to see how I liked it. I sure think it’s the prettiest adventure bike in town so the idea wasn’t a tough sell.

I pulled away from the house on his big baby, listening to the twin thump of the Akrapovic cans chugging away. As their song picked up so did my energy level. Medicine.

Since this was my first ride ride on the 990, I was filled with that excited newness you get from an unfamiliar motorcycle. I was very surprised at just how big it doesn’t feel. I’m able to touch the ground better than I can on my Tiger and it doesn’t feel anywhere near as top-heavy. Quickly settled in, I just… went.

As the miles passed and the sky began to paint its early evening colors I relaxed into my “real me” state. That’s the one where the layers of anxiety, doubt and worry all fade away and I can hear my positive and hopeful voice.

Watching the blues and pinks streak across the universe I thought to myself – “I’ll never need anything more than this.” And in that moment, I meant it. Politics? Pain? Terror? People’s lives being torn apart – it was all gone. There was nothing but a sublime moment of being in the world, feeling free and being able to take in the beauty of the sky.