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The Whispering Giants Grand Tour

The Whispering Giants Grand Tour

Whispering Giants Grand Tour

Whispering Giants Grand Tour

February 15 to October 31, 2015

What is a Whispering Giant? A Whispering Giant is a giant wood carving honoring Native Americans created by the artist Peter Wolf Toth. These giant wood carvings are in all 50 states and parts of Canada. Each carving honors the Native American’s who reside or once resided in the area.

During this grand tour, you will research the locations of the whispering giants, ride to them and take a photo of your rally flag, your motorcycle and the giant. Make sure you read the rules and take a look at the added bonus point locations.

You’ll need 30 points to become a finisher.


This grand tour sounds great, right up my alley, really. I think I’m going to sign up. Though I don’t have any plans for a far-flung US ride this year (yet) I may be able to scoop up enough points to at least be a finisher just here in a few neighboring states.

While watching the progress of my friends who were participating in the Butt Lite Rally in 2014, I first learned about the Whispering Giants. As it turns out, I had seen one in 2005 while in Wyoming. I snapped a picture of it while sitting at a traffic light. Being a photo hoarder, I dug back through my picture library and found it:

fuzzygalore whispering giant wyoming

Just based on my preliminary research, you’ll want to carefully check the status of the Giants. Some were destroyed by wood eating diseases, deteriorated from exposure, been put in to storage or have gone missing. Maybe building yourself a map of good known locations is a way to while away those snowy winter hours 😉

Sounds kinda fun, right?

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