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Road Tripping: The Coffee Pot – Bedford, Pa

Road Tripping: The Coffee Pot – Bedford, Pa

There was a time when visiting the Bedford Coffee Pot was one of those things that just nagged and nagged me. Way over on the western half of Pennsylvania, it seemed lightyears away. In truth it is a mere 330 miles that for whatever reason may as well have been a million. Maybe it can be chalked up to some type of mental roadblock or… maybe sometimes the wishing for something is just as satisfying as the getting. Daydreams are perfect where life isn’t.

Then on winter Tuesday in 2009 I found myself at the coffee pot. Just like that. You wake up one day and finally just do whatever it is you want.

breadbox at the coffee pot

Then on a trip to Cleveland in December 2013 with my mom and daughter, we once again stopped at the Coffee Pot. Doing something once can make it a lot easier to do again. The roadblocks aren’t there anymore.

bedford coffee pot

In July of 2015, I stopped by the Coffee Pot yet again. This time on my motorcycle. You know, just to check on things.

fuzzygalore at bedford coffee pot

Nothing much had changed since the last time I visited. Considering the life that these roadside giants can endure, that was a good thing.


Art Car: Pakistani Decorated 1976 Bedford Truck

Art Car: Pakistani Decorated 1976 Bedford Truck

This beautifully decorated 1976 Bedford truck is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. It was originally painted in 2002 during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The painting theme is the Silk Road.

Pakistanti Painted truck 1976 Bedford Washington DC
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We were fortunate enough to see it parked on the National Mall in the summer of 2006. Just awesome~

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Road Trip: Visiting the Bedford Coffee Pot

Road Trip: Visiting the Bedford Coffee Pot

My love of traveling around and seeing our corner of the world isn’t limited to just doing it on a motorcycle. Sometimes we head out in the car as well. When we hit the road as a family we usually take our A3 which has been named “the Breadbox”. This time our travels took us to the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania.

With nothing to do on Tuesday we packed our toothbrushes, a hand of bananas and some Gatorade, hopped into the breadbox and pointed it west. We didn’t leave the house with much of a plan other than, “hey, let’s go somewhere.” So, that’s what we did.

Our wheels took us to the town of Bedford, Pennsylvania to visit The Coffee Pot. For several years now, I have wanted to see the big silver lady in all her roadside glory. She didn’t disappoint.

The Coffee Pot - Bedford, Pa.
The Coffee Pot - Bedford, Pa.
The Coffee Pot - Bedford, Pa The Bedford Coffee Pot The Coffee Pot Sign
The Bedford Coffee Pot