To Do List – My 2013 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist

To Do List – My 2013 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist

Amazing and Unusual USAA very sweet friend sent me a copy of the book Amazing and Unusual USA by Jeff Bahr for Christmas. Since then I’ve been flipping through its pages, daydreaming about roadside places I’d like to ride to.

The book has also inspired me to venture beyond its pages to and into the silliest corners of the internet for more roadside highlights to see one day soon.

Here are some of the places on my 2013 Ride-To Wish List. I may not get a chance to ride to all of them this year but it’s nice to have something to strive for.

Have you been to any of them?

Shell-Shaped Gas Station

E. Sprague St
Winston-Salem, NC
The last remaining of the 8 original shell-shaped stations.
Shell Shaped Gas Station

Twistee Treat – Ice Cream Shaped Buildings – DONE!

I’m pretty sure that ice cream tastes extra good when it comes from a building that looks like this:

Twistee Treat
Photo Credit: Harpo42 on Flickr

There are a few Twistee Treats within a days ride from Long Island:

World’s Largest Teapot

Chester, WV
World's Largest Teapot
Photo Credit: jimmywayne, on Flickr

Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold

Moundsville, WV
Palace of Gold
Photo Credit: scotti16ape on Flickr

Wheeling, WV DONE

Home of the Mail Pouch Tobacco Company
West Virginia ~ Wheeling
Photo Credit: erjkprunczýk on Flickr

Pottsville, PA – DONE!

Pottsville apparently has lots of lovely ghost/fading ads in addition to the Yuengling Brewery – America’s oldest. This one is a real looker:
Hooven Pottsville, PA4
Photo Credit: Seth Gaines on Flickr

Kane’s Donuts – DONE!

Saugus, MA
Kane's Donuts Sign
Photo Credit: dmhergert on Flickr

And last but not least – my super-duper wish…

The Gemini Giant

Wilmington, IL
He’s a bit of a stretch being about 900 miles away but anything is possible if you’re willing to work to make it happen!
Gemini Giant
Photo Credit:Pete Zarria, on Flickr

Other Muffler Men on My 2013 List:

Can’t forget about these two guys who are a day’s ride away.

How About You?

Have you got anything on your to-ride to list this year?

12 Replies to “To Do List – My 2013 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist”

  1. Just about all of these are on my “to-do” list too 😉
    I’ve been near Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold several times and I was always in a time crunch.

    BTW, I stopped at a Twistee Treat on my way home from our visit to Sine’s last year 🙂

  2. The tea pot and the Palace of Gold are definitely worth it. Be prepared for a long but beautiful country ride if you go to the Palace. And the Gemini Giant MUST be seen…I recommend the tuna salad on white at the Launching Pad restaurant. I almost made it to the Shell station last fall but ran out of time, and the others are all now on my list too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. YES! You have already inspired me by your previous posts…I ordered the “Spooky Oregon” and the “Weird Oregon” books and plan on traveling around Oregon checking out what’s weird in my backyard! 🙂 Keep up the awesome posts, I LOVE reading them!

  4. Hi Fuzzy, Awsome book!!

    Cant wait to see where you end up this year! I have a few things I want to see but I just never seem to find awsome quirky stuff like you do. There must be some around here somewhere ….

  5. I saw the largest chest of drawers in High Point NC. I love GPS for finding this cool stuff when you have a little time to kill if you’re stuck in some weird little town.

  6. Glad to see your daydreams in motion. That Mail Pouch building is awesome. And the Gemini Giant? Very cool! Looking forward to your ride reports.

  7. I really enjoy reading your posts. I love these out of the way things that you find. Looking forward to finding a few on my MA to Sturgis ride. Keep them coming!

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