E2ERally: Agent Triple-0 Six, Reporting For Rally

E2ERally: Agent Triple-0 Six, Reporting For Rally

I printed out my Equinox 2 Equinox Rally flag last night.

My E2E Rally Flag


I put it on a piece of cardboard, sealed it in packing tape and put the bonus list and email instructions on the back. Never underestimate your ability to forget something simple 🙂

My E2E Rally Flag


These were just some of the things I learned after doing other virtual rallies like Hammy’s SLASHER.

Flimsy paper just won’t cut it if there is a breeze, if there’s moisture and it surely won’t survive the long rally period in my tankbag or Givi box.

Unfortunately I broke my favorite magnetic clip, so I’ll have to find myself a new one of those. Being able to stick your flag to different parts of your bike is a big help.

I’ve been jotting down some of my bonus stops and can’t wait to get rolling!

If you’re doing the E2E – I wish you luck and of course… have fun!

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8 Replies to “E2ERally: Agent Triple-0 Six, Reporting For Rally”

  1. Shaken not stirred!
    Good idea on the cardboard … I was thinking last night of a good way to affix my laminated flag to a towel (because rally towels are convinient) but I might just do your method instead.

    You’re going to kick SO MUCH ass on the E2E!

    1. No matter what method you pick, you’ll find a way to make it NOT work for yourself at one time or another 😀

      What’s your rider number? Maybe we can work out a group bonus as soon as the warm weather decides to make an appearance :-/

      Me kick ass? You are the Roadside Wonders proprietrix! That bonus category is worth a lot of points. DO EEEEET!

  2. Packing tape and cardboard – now there is a woman with experience.

    I printed mine and put it in a plastic binder sleeve with the bonuses on the back. Hmmm me thinks it might be too flimsy….. I like the magnetic clip idea, I have a few of those kicking around at home somewhere. I am sure Troubadour has some stashed in the garage too.

  3. Making mine and the Mr.’s placard now. I like the cardboard idea. I was thinking chip clips would be handy for hanging purposes or maybe hole punch the top corners and loop a strip of yarn to it so it can hang on the bike.

  4. So organized. I’ve barely gotten around to looking at the list trying to come up with locations. But I did ride in today, that’s at least a good start!

  5. I signed up for the rally after reading about it on your website. I’m stealing your cardboard idea (the wife was wondering why the hell I was cutting up a box the other day) and claiming it as my own.

    I am just waiting on the email.

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