Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

…but pretty close!

While out for a ride with Kenny and Ben, I spotted a crop of sunflowers. With their happy disposition, they’re one of my favorite flowers.

Even though I’m generally pretty camera shy, I just HAD to have Kenny take my picture with them.

Fuzzygalore on DRZ in sunflower fieldAren’t they sweet?

11 Replies to “Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips”

  1. You crack me up. Yes, the sunflowers are sweet. What’s so funny? I would have thought you’d be smiling broadly to match the sunny disposition of the sunflowers. You just look so serious. I’m sure you were smiling on the inside, though.

  2. I love this! I mean, I really love this. The picture is everything I look for in a photo — whimsy, visual beauty and the presence of a dear friend.

  3. You are funny, why are you camera shy?
    It’s a beautiful picture and would have been better if you had taken your helmet, hair flowing in the air, oh, I forgot, helmet air as my daughter always tells me LOL
    I have no problem planting myself in my pictures.

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