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  1. Hi Fuzz, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site. I wonder if you could recomend a three day trip out of boston for me and my wife. I just broke in a new FJR and want some good roads with a minnimum of slab. I had my heart set on the Gaspe penninsular but with child care and time off an issue three days is all I can mannage. This will be her first trip so its important it goes well. Wish me luck. Thanks, Steve

  2. Hi Steve 🙂 Thanks very much for the nice words. Lucky you, getting away on your new wheels!

    I think the first thing that will help you zero in on a place to go if something isnt glaringly obvious to you is to crack open a map and get a radius view of the maximum mileage you think you’d want to cover from your house in a day. Sure you could ride 700 miles from home in a day – but would you really want to?

    I think once you have a range, the destination might just make itself plain to you. You’re right at the foot of some really nice riding thru NH & VT then over in to NY state. Do you guys just want to ride, ride, ride or are you in to stopping and smelling the roses?

  3. Thanks for the reply. I would like to ride but I don’t want to take a chance on her not liking it. I’m really not into itinerary as it goes against my moto instinct. I know you have ventured into Vt. Can you recomend a route #? Other than that I guess I’ll just roll the dice. Thanks again, I’ll let you know how I make out. Steve

  4. Hi Steve- My reply might be better suited to email. If you’d like, drop me an email at fuzzygalore at fuzzygalore dot com and i’ll see what i can throw your way 🙂 OR if you want it here in this tiny window, I can do that as well.

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