Happy 2008

Happy 2008

Happy 2008 to you all.
I hope this year brings you much love, laughter and good health.

Last night the old man and I didn’t go out. Instead we passed the torch to our little one. She went out to a party with her girlfriend at the aquarium from 6 to 11 where they had a kid’s party including an apple juice toast at 9:00. Kenny and I sat at home watching the window for the car to pull up at 11:30 to drop her off. My excuse for watching the window like a hawk was that I was sure she’d be long asleep and I’d have to carry her in, but I think Kenny was practicing for the teenage years. We were 2 old dorks waiting up for their little girl to come home.

The stamina of a 6 year old is amazing. She came home at 11:30 and for the first time stayed up with us to watch the ball drop on Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve at midnight. We shared kisses, hugs and ‘happy new year’s. It was really rather sweet. Prompty at 12:01, with sleepy eyes she sauntered off to bed.

They say the person you kiss at the stroke of 12 is the person you’ll kiss all year long. I’d be more than happy about that.

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