RT 219

Me & my nearly bald tire taking a break on West Virginia 219.
This trip was it’s last hurrah.

I’m sitting here looking at this picture and recalling standing there on the side of the road after a few hours of excellent riding with my mates. We’d just passed a horse with her foal not 100 yards back at a farm close to the road. Behind me a new begining. Ahead, a blind corner with a road unseen. Such is life.


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5 Responses

  1. LETMEPUTDHEADIN@aol.com says:

    WOW, NICE PICTURE. Im getting my bike soon.And I would love to be out there like that.

  2. Pyst says:

    w00p! Kenny get in touch with me. icq #1418682

  3. watermelonpunch says:

    cool photo

  4. Steve Ames says:

    Hey Fuzz, just wondering when you guys are going to NS.

  5. Fuzz! says:

    Howdy! Well – our plans for NS are on hold at the moment. We have the good fortune of having my best-est friend from Wales coming to stay with us for a few weeks, so our window for bike travel has closed up a little. Its not called off.. perhaps just slightly delayed. As they say – better late than never!

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