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The Decaying Standard Oil Station of Vienna, Illinois

The Decaying Standard Oil Station of Vienna, Illinois

While riding from Metropolis towards Springfield, Illinois I passed through the town of Vienna. It was a place I’d never heard of before. As I slowed approaching the stop sign at IL-146, to my right was the most beautiful ghost. A Standard Oil station.

Seeing it immediately made me wish I could have experienced it in its former glory. How could something so lovely fall into such a state? I’m sure it is a case of monies best spent elsewhere. Trying to survive will always trump everything else.

Even so – part of me wishes that a preservation group could take this beautiful skeleton and return it to its original splendor. Can’t you imagine driving over the hose near the pumps and hearing the *ding-ding* of the bell? I suppose anyone younger than me might not even get that reference.

Yesterday, I learned a new word.

anemoian. nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.

It’s definition came from the depressingly named, Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. But I happened to read it while perusing the much less heartachingly titled Route 66 News.

Some articles about the Vienna Standard Oil Station:

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