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Uncle Sam Muffler Man – Happy Fourth of July

Uncle Sam Muffler Man – Happy Fourth of July

While I was cruising around the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, I stopped to visit the Rockwood, PA Muffler Man at the Scottyland RV Resort. Kenny and I passed there once before a few winters ago but the resort was closed so we had no muffler man joy. Persistence finally paid off.

fuzzygalore at scottyland muffler man uncle sam

The muffler man is on private property and is not visible from the road. You must get a pass to enter the campground. So, I parked and went in to the camp store to see if I would be allowed to enter.

rv resort map

“Hi, I was wondering if I could visit your muffler man.”

“Our what?”

“Muffler man?”

::puzzled pause, sizing up the nut who just walked in the door::
“Oh, you mean Uncle Sam? That’s what we call ’em. He was just painted ’bout two years ago so he looks pretty good.”

fuzzygalore at the scottyland mufflerman in rockwood pa

The woman kindly gave me a pass so that I could go see Uncle Sam. When I presented it to the gate-keeper, he asked “what site are you going to?” I told him I was going to see their Uncle Sam and he responded with, “What?” and looked at the pass for about 30 seconds until the lightbulb went off and said “Oh! Oh, oh, oh. I know what you mean,” and let me through.

fuzzygalore at scottyland muffler man in pennsylvania

You’d think that Uncle Sam would be in the forefront of everyone’s mind at that campground. He’s so awesome!

muffler man feet scottyland

Happy Fourth of July from Uncle Sam… and me!

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