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Taking the Whole “Stick in the Mud” Thing Too Far

Taking the Whole “Stick in the Mud” Thing Too Far

Yeah, yeah. So I may have gotten my bike slightly stuck in a mud hole on Saturday during the Hammer Run in Jersey.

The trails were dry with a few small spots of water scattered throughout. But, when 500 guys have already been through the soup before you it can get pretty nasty.

Muddy DRZ at the Hammer Run
After my bike got pryed loose

This particular mud hole was thick and goopy. I rode in and only made it halfway across before my momentum slowed and I began to sink in. I got off the bike to try to start working it out and my boots got stuck because the slime created immediate suction. Thankfully Kenny and someone else on the trail helped to pry my bike loose and get me going forward again.

I sprayed muddy pinwheels into Kenny’s face as a reward for his patient help. His skin looks absolutely fabulous this morning. You’re welcome, dear.

Dual sport rides are really a great exercise in problem solving, patience and camaraderie. There are always people willing to give you a hand (and laugh with you when you do something stupid).

Oh, and – apparently my bike liked the mud. See? My tailbag is smiling:

My smiling tail bag

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