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Sights From the Road: Goats on the Roof

Sights From the Road: Goats on the Roof

At this point, I think Kenny is just messing with me. When I followed the GPS and turned on Ridge Rd to head into the town of Helen, right there on the corner in front of us was… “Goats on the Roof.”

When we pulled into a gas station, I laughed and said to Kenny, “Did you see the goats on the roof?” Knowing of course that he would have HAD to have see them, they were right in front of us. And well, who can miss goats on a roof?

But, blondie instead said, “no. What goats?” 😕

[mumbles while shaking head] What goats? How could you not have seen the goats? … right there… in front of us… [/mumbles]

Well, the only right thing to do was to stop and see the goats on the way out of town 🙂

A big part of me wished that they had a cardboard cutout of Samuel L. Jackson saying Goats on the M-Fin’ Roof in the same vain as Snakes on a Plane. But the very surprised goat statue was just fine, too. Instead I just repeated goats on the M-Fin’ roof for the rest of the day in my helmet.

Goats on the Roof - Helen Georgia

Next to the buildings are goat feeding stations. They allow visitors to buy some feed, put it in a cup and then crank it upstairs to the goats to eat. Pretty ingenious (and silly) really.

Sure, it’s a tourist trap. But, it’s animals. They’re hard to resist.

Goats on the roof Helen Georgia

Oh. This bridge. It looks delicious. Om nom nom nom.

Goats on the Roof Helen Georgia

Helllloooo? Send up some more grub, will ya? Pellets, Goat Chow, an old phone book.. anything! We’re starvin’ up here!

Goats on the Roof Helen Georgia

Goats-On-The-Roof – Helen
1204 Ridge Road
Helen, GA 30545

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