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I’m Lookin’ Forward to Getting Dirty at the BBA

I’m Lookin’ Forward to Getting Dirty at the BBA

This year I hope to spend more time riding my dirty bike. The KTM has awakened something inside of me that needs to be explored. I don’t know how or why but I’m just going to hop on this wave and ride it out; see where it goes.

One of my favorite events each year is riding the Berkshire Big Adventure hosted by the Berkshire Trail Riders in Massachusetts. For 2015, the event took a hiatus. Seeing it back on the calendar for 2016 is exciting. I’m looking forward to spending a long weekend in the mountains with friends.

I think I’ve become a better dirt rider because I understand my limitations, why they exist (my mind) and have been able to focus on what it is that I really want out of the ride. That keeps me much more relaxed. Relaxed me is a better rider.

Looking forward to the spring!

Some pics from past Berkshire Big Adventure rides:

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