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California Love: Rendezvous at the Big Shoe

California Love: Rendezvous at the Big Shoe

When you’re on the road, it can be difficult to coordinate times and places to meet up with people. This is espcially true when you don’t have a set route or plan. Meetings require a bit of flexibility on everyone’s part.

Kenny and I called our dear friend Ed when we arrived in San Luis Obispo so that we could hook and do some riding together the following day. We decided that we were going to be heading towards the Sierras. Since Ed lives near LA, we thought Bakersfield would be a good central spot for us to meet. It would be a quick shot up the slab for him and a direct shot across Route 58 for us.

“Isn’t there a giant shoe in Bakersfield?
“Why do you know that?”
“Well, you introduced me to Roadside America.”
“Right. Let’s meet at the Big Shoe at 10am.”

The big shoe is as good a place to meet as any, right? I thought so 🙂

Big Shoe Repair Bakersfield

After skirting the lightning storm on 58 and dodging the rain, we pulled in to town to find the familiar site of Ed’s RSV parked on the sidewalk next to the big shoe. I couldn’t park my bike fast enough to give him a hug. It was so good to see him. Love that guy 🙂