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Memory Lane: California’s Point Arena Lighthouse

In some ways you don’t really know the value of your travels until they are left behind in the clouds of dust that swirl around in your memory. My trip to California in June of 2008 is like that. While I was in the thick of it putting in the miles, taking in the life, I was absolutely enjoying it. But now, as time has marched on what I’ve come away with is a collection of delicate and precious vignettes that fill me with sunshine.

It isn’t the big stuff that seems the sweetest to me. It is the small moments that come back to me tenderly. I can still feel the moment that I saw the pelicans glide along the water near Point Arena lighthouse. I still feel the cool of the cement as we shared a sandwich on the curb in Mendocino.

Remembering California: The Sundial Bridge

Found in Redding, California the Sundial Bridge is a pedestrian footbridge built by Santiago Calatrava. Seeing this was one of the daliances that I had when we were riding in California. You wouldn’t think that riding would help to feed my love of art and architecture, but so far its been a nice way to get out and see things :)

Sights from the Road: The Bakersfield Indian Muffler Man

Caption Me: Bunyan’s Boot at the Trees of Mystery, Klamath California

Spy Shot: Golden Gate Bridge

Its seems kind of funny to see a picture of myself actually riding. When I’m on the bike, I’m so engrossed with what is going on inside my helmet that I don’t generally consider what it might look like from the outside.

I had no idea Kenny was capturing spy shots of us on the go. I found it kind of neat to see myself in motion, completely natural and unaware. There were a few times on the trip when Ed or Greg had moved ahead and tried to catch pics of us moving through the environment naturally. Being the ding-a-ling that I am, I would come around a corner and see them with the camera and completely stand the bike up and practically park it in the corner as soon as I saw them. :D So much for full lean, fancy action shots.

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