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The GPS Files: It’s In Your Pocket, Dummy

The GPS Files: It’s In Your Pocket, Dummy

I would like to introduce you to my nemesis:

The Zumo screwdriver tool

You folks who also have Garmin Zumo GPS’ know exactly what this is. It’s the little screwdriver tool that you use to “unlock” the GPS from its cradle.

It is also one more facet of the GPS experience that drives me bananas. Not because it does or doesn’t do anything on its own. It’s more… because I’m a moron.

I have this annoying little habit of losing things like my glasses and my wallet. This little Zumo tool doesn’t stand a chance against the power of my distracted-ness. I misplace it routinely.

In an effort to not lose things, I often come up with “tricks” and “plans” to remember where they are.  I can probably tell you what town a Muffler Man in Illinois is in off the top of my head, but heaven help me I can’t remember those places I put things so I would remember where I put them.

So, I am typing this right now in hopes that it will help me when I go haywire and tear apart the luggage on my motorcycle looking for it (like I did in California last fall):

“It’s in the inside pocket of your REV’IT jacket, dummy.”

Undoubtedly I will give that pocket a precursory squish, pat or poke and not feel it right away and assume all hope is lost. Again. But, rest assured it IS in there.

If only I could set up a GPS route to my pocket. 😕

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I Want to Punch My Garmin Zumo 450 In the Face… Again

I Want to Punch My Garmin Zumo 450 In the Face… Again

Zumo 450 - not working againIf you happen to be playing along at home and following closely on some of my travel photos – like stalkerazzi close – you may have noticed that sometimes the GPS isn’t powered on when I’m traveling.

Sometimes this is intentional. But, sometimes… it isn’t. It is during the latter times that I want to punch my Zumo 450 in the face.

I’m not certain what the magic combination of actions is for the electronic hate machine to decide it will stop working. But, based upon my research I’ve come to the following hypothesis: It happens when it feels like it.

  • If you leave the GPS in the cradle on the bike – it may or may not turn on the next time you hit the power button.
  • If you take the GPS out of the cradle – it may or may not turn on when you hit the power button.
  • If you try the GPS in a different cradle –  it may or may not turn on the next time you hit the power button.
  • If you plug the GPS in to your computer – it may or may not turn on.
  • If you really “need” the GPS – it may or may not turn on when you hit the power button.


I have discovered a fix.

  1. Go on a riding vacation to a far away place.
  2. Use your smartphone and its GPS feature to locate an auto parts or hardware store.
  3. Walk to said store and wait around for it to open.
    Please note: This step must take at least 45 minutes and delay your desired departure time for the day’s ride.
  4. Buy a set of allen keys that includes one the diameter of a hair.
    (that you didn’t bring on vacation with you, natch).
  5. With your newly purchased allen wrench, remove the Zumo 450’s battery for a second and then button the GPS back up.

Now, hit the power button.

VOILA! The GPS will “magically” turn back on.


While this will get the Zumo 450 working it will not fix the feeling of wanting to punch it in the face.

Yes, my Zumo 450 is old and discontinued. And no, I do not “need” it to navigate. It just becomes a matter of principal that drives me up the wall when the flippin’ thing decides it doesn’t feel like working.

I wish I could say that it was just my particular unit that was possessed by the devil but unfortunately another Zumo 450 owner tipped me off to just removing the battery to reset it.

And so, my saga with the GPS continues…