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Saying So Long to 2017 – Recapping a Year

Saying So Long to 2017 – Recapping a Year

With the way that weeks seem to zip by in a blink, it’ll be 2018 before you know it. I’ve been trying to mentally walk back through all the places I’ve been and things I’ve seen this year. As someone who often feels like they never go anywhere and never does anything but work, this type of reminiscing is good for me.

It is so easy for me to succumb to what have you done for me lately thinking. Hell, I just reminded myself that I started the year off by leaving Las Vegas and spending New Years Day in Death Valley, California. I’d completely forgotten. Isn’t that sad?

So on the heels of that, I’m putting together some 2017 in Review posts – photos, notes and whatnot recapping the year. Why not join me on your own blog? Tell us about your 2017.

2017 in Review Round-Ups

A Year in Review – Motorcycling Through 2011

A Year in Review – Motorcycling Through 2011

Now that we are just around the corner from the close of 2011, I find myself reflecting on some of my favorite moments and blog posts throughout the year:



We kicked off the year right with a trip around Manhattan island on New Years Day. Similar to the tradition that says the person you kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Years is the person you will kiss all year – the Isle of Manhattan ride set the tone for the remainder of 2011.



Crotona Midnight Run

It’s February. What better way to celebrate the winter than with a timed road ride? I know. A timed road ride, that kicks off at Midnight.

Bikes parked for Crotona Midnight Run



By the time March rolls around, you’re wishing for spring in the worst way. You’ll look for any excuse to get out and spend some time on the bike. I decided that taking a ride around the east end of Long Island to visit it’s windmills would be a perfect way to court the warm weather.

It didn’t work. It was freezing.

Gardiner Windmill



April brought us the big milestone of Chloe getting her first motorcycle. Someday, she’ll look back and say “I learned to ride when I was a kid…” and this will be what she remembers about getting her first motorcycle.



The Berkshires Big Adventure. Yeeeehaa!



Throughout all of 2011 there are a few standout riding moments that really left a mark on me. Once of them was being in the warm, golden light of the late afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my dear friend, Bill.

Our bikes on the Blue Ridge

When you have a stretch of the Blue Ride all to yourself… it is quite magical. Dare I say, perfect.



GL, Me and Kenny in PennsylvaniaJuly had a few days that were positively SIZZLING. Luckily for us (not) one of the hottest days of the year was the day of the AltRider/Giantloop dual sport adventure ride in Pennsylvania.

Kenny, GL and I spent the day having a blast on the rocks. And I got a chance to meet a couple really nice people, like John from New York, Harold from Giant Loop and Eric from RideAdv.com.



Meeting other bloggers who are out on the road is a cool experience. In August, I hooked up with Chris from EverydayRiding.org while he was on a tour of the Northeast. You never know what you’re going to get when you meet someone you think you “know” from their writing. As it turns out… Chris is a great guy. I felt like I knew him forever.

On my way back down to the ferry to head home, I also got to meet John from John’s Alaska. Bonus!



In September, Kenny and I took our yearly “big trip”. We found ourselves back out in California bumming around. The trip… was heavenly.

Lost Coast Mattole Rd



In October, I found myself the proud new owner of a new motorcycle that I didn’t know that I needed until I got it!

My New Triumph Tiger 1050



Rather than hitting the mall on Black Friday, we did what girls REALLY love to do: we headed out for a family motorcycle ride. I love riding motorcycles with Chloe <3

Me and Chloe in the woods



In December my friends and I donned our big red suits and hit the road. It was absolutely one of my favorite rides of the year. Making someone else happy is the best gift you can give yourself.

The Flying Santas - Long Island Chapter


Happy New Year

2011 was filled with lots of laughter, many happy miles and a few adventures along the way. I hope that you find the same to be true. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Hope to see you on the road.


2009 in Review: 100 Things I’ve Learned About Motorcycling

2009 in Review: 100 Things I’ve Learned About Motorcycling

2009 was an excellent year here in Fuzzygalore-land. I’m blessed with good health, a great family, prosperity and an amazing group of motorcycle friends from around the world.

100 Things I’ve Learned in 2009

  1. If for a split second the thought “I should stop to look at that” crosses my mind, I should indeed stop.
  2. My friends will wait – No excuses necessary.
  3. My motorcycle blog is my blog. I have to remember to not feel bad because it’s not like someone else’s motorcycle blog.
  4. I still need to work on handing out my trust.
  5. I no longer want to do track days. That time has come and gone.
  6. A Costa Rican bike tour is on my short list.
  7. I need to let other people lead and make routes.
  8. It’s okay to make friends with other riders. Not everyone is a squid.
  9. At this point I much prefer a textile jacket.
  10. I’m still not tolerant enough to be nice when people ask if “I’m hot in that.”
  11. Waterproof boots made my life better.
  12. I am definitely not a BMW person.
  13. Fanatical brand loyalists can be incredibly annoying.
  14. I really think the Speed Triple is my most-favorite bike ever.
  15. I still can’t ride with a tinted visor.
  16. The term biker still seems like it has a negative connotation to it.
  17. I’m still waiting for someone to change my mind.
  18. At this point, I think 3 cylinders are the way to go for me.
  19. If I could figure out how to get my dog to ride the with me, I’d probably take her along.
  20. Riding helps me relax.
  21. I want a pink motorcycle and I won’t apologize for that.
  22. It’s okay to not be mechanically inclined.
  23. I really don’t need a GPS.
  24. GPS fanatical loyalists can be really annoying.
  25. Metal flake paint makes everything okay.
  26. I would still love a Givi box on the Triple.
  27. Motorcycle riding dents all of my cameras.
  28. I’m even more certain that I am not cut out for any type of Iron Butt riding.
  29. I’m really impressed with anyone else who can sit that long without going bonkers.
  30. I see a banana guard in my future.
  31. I have no idea where I “fit” in the motorcycle world.
  32. I’m strangely drawn to bobbers.
  33. I would really like to go to the Isle of Man.
  34. I still don’t see why people looked down on Long Way Round. Those guys still rode the miles!
  35. Discovery HD had some great motorcycle shows to pass the time.
  36. RoadRunner magazine makes me want to go places.
  37. A giant cauliflower is just as good a reason to go for a ride as any.
  38. I prefer riding in the cold over riding in the heat.
  39. Motorcycle bloggers are an interesting and diverse bunch. They help the workday go by.
  40. I’m struggling with whether it’s better to have slabbed and seen or not seen at all.
  41. I often think about what riding in California was like and think I’d like to move there one day.
  42. I really like other motorcyclists who don’t seem to “fit” a lifestyle or clique either.
  43. I want to ride in the Alps sooner rather than later.
  44. I sometimes wish I had a scooter but I know I’d never ride it.
  45. I need to ride to work more often.
  46. I wish I could feel okay about riding in jeans.
  47. No other leather smells like Vanson.
  48. My gloves usually fade to brown before I ever wear them out.
  49. 75% of the things that are in my tank bag could probably be taken out and thrown away.
  50. I need to pack lunches on some of my day rides instead of buying.
  51. I should ride with other people more often.
  52. Sneaking out for a midnight summer ride is something I should do.
  53. I don’t know what to do with all of the old motorcycle gear. I hate ebay.
  54. I never have any idea what rpm or gear I use.
  55. I love riding in West Virginia.
  56. I hate it when other motorcyclists speed past my house.
  57. Motorcycling is romantic.
  58. There is a strange comfort to the smell of exhaust in my own hair.
  59. I don’t want a new motorcycle.
  60. I find myself envious of west coasters motorcycle photos.
  61. I still want Wonder Woman leathers.
  62. I dream of moving to a rural place just so I could have good roads to ride.
  63. I don’t care about upgrading my suspension.
  64. I’m probably the only person who finds it funny that there are loose Goldfish in my tankbag.
  65. I wish I could figure out how securely attach a giant stuffed Domo to my seat cowl.
  66. The smaller off the beaten path roads are getting more and more appealing.
  67. Not having my earplugs in on the highway now makes me nuts.
  68. The new RSV4 is seriously foxy.
  69. That Icon Speed Cretin helmet has grown on me in kitsch value.
  70. I’m not impressed by horsepower.
  71. I have exactly zero interest in working on or cleaning my bike.
  72. I wish I could go for a ride with my Dad.
  73. I find myself listening to Third Eye Blind often on the bike.
  74. No kidding, I think I do all my best thinking in the saddle.
  75. I can’t remember 99% of my thoughts when I turn the key off.
  76. I ogle those lithe bicycle guys on the road when I’m out on the bike in the summertime.
  77. Watching Catfish compete in the IBR this year was awesome.
  78. I still don’t understand why I can’t make a living riding around looking at and photographing big, silly things.
  79. I will ride to no place special for a cup of coffee.
  80. Almost all of my friends ride motorcycles
  81. I still have no desire to ride a cruiser.
  82. I still fail to understand why anyone would ride to Sturgis, Americade or Laconia when the roads are clogged with people.
  83. If your jacket has fringe on it, it looks stupid.
  84. Think someone should make motorcycle boots that look like Gene Simmon’s demon boots.
  85. I think in 2010 I’d like to camp on the bike.
  86. I need to pay more attention to my tire pressure.
  87. I’m hoping my tipover in November satisfied my mishap for the next decade.
  88. Motorcycle people are still fascinating to me.
  89. I just like saying Hippo Hands.
  90. I don’t care if they’re great, the Hayabusa and the new VFR are fug.
  91. I wonder if I would be any good at a small 24 hour type rally?
  92. It never fails, I never ride as much as I’d hoped to for the year.
  93. I’d love to ride in Utah.
  94. I would love to get a ride in a sidecar.
  95. I think I might buy myself some new leather gloves this year. Maybe.
  96. Yea, Gerbing is still where it’s at.
  97. The Knox glove exoskeleton, even if it is “useless”, is very sexy.
  98. I still don’t know how to hold on if I am pillion.
  99. 80% of my daydreaming involves a motorcycle.
  100. Some things never change – It’s new Year’s day and I am dreaming about my first ride of the year.
Happy New Year from Fuzzygalore.com
This post is nothing without you. Have you learned anything in 2009 you’d like to share?
2009 in Review: 6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides

2009 in Review: 6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides

When most years come to a close and I take stock of my time riding I always arrive at the same sentiment. I didn’t ride as much as I wanted to. Well, as I sit here on the last day of 2009 it is no different. I didn’t ride as much as I’d have liked to. But, the riding that I did do was pretty great.

6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides from 2009

I can’t wait to see where the road takes us in 2010!

Pennsylvania Farm