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Art Car: Pakistani Decorated 1976 Bedford Truck

Art Car: Pakistani Decorated 1976 Bedford Truck

This beautifully decorated 1976 Bedford truck is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. It was originally painted in 2002 during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The painting theme is the Silk Road.

Pakistanti Painted truck 1976 Bedford Washington DC
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We were fortunate enough to see it parked on the National Mall in the summer of 2006. Just awesome~

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Washington DC

Washington DC

Del, Kenny & I went down for a quick trip around DC while she was here. I know its not about motorcycles, but its about me, Del and Kenny and we all came together because of bikes so…

The National Aerospace Museum at the Smithsonian is awesome. They have a wonderful collection of planes and rockets and what am i gawkin’ at?

Houston. We have Spacebear.

Got a chance to hook up with MR. DUCATISTI! while we were in town. Always a pleasure.

God Bless America