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Save The Date: Void Rally 8

Save The Date: Void Rally 8

This afternoon I moseyed on over the Void Rally website and was greeted with the news that the die has been cast – The Void Rally 8 is scheduled for October 12-13.

Void Rally 8

This year’s rally pages are peppered with musical clues. Does it have meaning? Are the Rallymasters just having fun? Who knows? But it’s fun to speculate.

It was during the Void 7 that I first dipped my toe into the 24hour rally water. I came away having such a good experience that I would like to give it another shot again this year. Not because I hope to win, but because, well… just because.

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If you aren’t familiar with the 24 hour rally format, stop by their “How it Works” page for a good overview:

At the beginning of a rally every rider will get a list of Bonus Locations.   This list will include point values, bonus requirements, directions/address, what the rider is actually looking for (a statue, plaque, business, etc) and what time it is available…

…Your job is to construct a route that gets from the start location to the endpoint, within the allotted time while attaining as many points as possible.  A rider must also allow time for sleep, fuel, meals, traffic, twisty roads, etc.

According to the tentative schedule that has been posted, registration will open on June 20th. Hopefully the scheduling fairies will smile on me and allow me to follow through on this one!

Welcome to The Void Rally 7

Welcome to The Void Rally 7

The Void RallyEvery year I see a message go out to one of the local motorcycle group mail lists that I’m on from Catfish – trying to get people to bite and join him at The Void Rally in October.

Catfish… is Catfish. He’s my friend, a motorcycle nut, rally rider and all around great guy. You can read the old posts about his time during the 2009 Iron Butt Rally  (yes, the BIG one.) When he tries to get people on board with whatever cockamamie thing he’s up to you know it’s going to be interesting.

What is The Void Rally?

From the Void website:

How It Works

The Void, much like every other rally (see ‘Other Rally Links’ page)  is part scavenger hunt, part trivia quiz, part poker run, part marathon, and all done on a motorcycle.  The goal is to have the most points at the end of the event.  Points are acquired by visiting Bonus Locations and properly satisfying their requirements.


The Cliff Notes version: Read the rally book, plan a route, ride a bunch and take pictures of stuff, don’t cock up. The end.

Kenny is No Help Whatsoever

I saw Catfish’s message come through this year and for the first time, a little seed began to germinate. For about a week, I thought about it. Could I do this? Is this type of riding for me? My first reaction was to shrink back from the fear of the unknown and say, “No way. I’m not an endurance rider. I couldn’t do that.”

But, as a few more days passed the little seed began to grow.

“Babe, I’m thinking about doing the Void Rally. Think I could do it?” I asked Kenny.

“Sure, why not? “

It sounded suspiciously like the type of response that really means, “Whatever you say. I’m playing video games.” So, I clarified.

“Really? I feel like I won’t be able to spend all of those hours riding.”

“Um… ? Am I missing something? This is what you do when you travel anyway. You ride around and find stuff,” he said.

Kenny: 1     Fuzzy: 0

I guess he was paying attention.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Another day or two had passed and as I made my interest in the Void known, the usual suspects (like my dear friend Bill who likes to throw me to the wolves) kept egging me on to finally register.

They used many tactics from the tried and true faux-you’re just a girl, you cant do that type of stuff, to positive reinforcement, to again echoing Kenny’s original sentiment – isn’t this the type of stuff you do anyway? Apparently my friends and family believe in me for some dumb reason.

What pushed me over the edge though was getting a chance to sit down and talk with Catfish and his wife who rides pillion for rallies.

Sometimes the simplest things, the most obvious answers are right there in front of you but you can’t see the forest for the trees. Are you ready for the Earth shattering advice? Brace yourselves:

“If you aren’t having fun, you can just stop.”

Oh. Right.

Welcome to the Void

With little fanfare while sipping my morning coffee, I registered myself to participate as a 24 hour Rally rider. And then I shit my pants.

I’ll be heading out of the Allentown, PA starting location on October 5 and hopefully turning up in Lynchburg, VA 29 hours later with red eyes and a sore ass. (I know, that sounds weird.)


So, I’ve been registered for a few weeks and have been sitting on this post.

Now with summer winding down and the time flying by I’ve got to make an effort to mentally prepare myself. And add a couple dohickeys to my bike.

My case of the butterflies is in overdrive. Can I do this? I guess we’ll see…