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#throwbackthursday : A Little Speed Triple Memory From 2007

#throwbackthursday : A Little Speed Triple Memory From 2007

At the time, this 2005 scorched yellow Triumph Speed Triple was my main squeeze, my do it all bike. Though it was a little tight on space, traveling on it wasn’t really that much of a hardship because it was all fun, all the time. Just look at that huge tankbag!

This was taken in New Hampshire on my way to Mount Washington.

Rest easy, old girl.

Snapshot: As a Triumph Lover, I Had to Stop

Snapshot: As a Triumph Lover, I Had to Stop

When I saw the name of the town, I couldn’t resist stopping to take a picture of my Tiger in front of it.

fuzzygalore triumph tiger lover

I only wish I could’ve positioned my camera with the self-timer so I could be in there next to the arrow. Unfortunately the sign was near a highway exit ramp. Since I’m already pressing my luck with cameras I didn’t need this one getting run over.

Several times during this trip I’d thought about what a fantastic motorcycle this Tiger is. Maybe it isn’t as sexy or lithe as say a Speed Triple, but it runs like a top and always seems well suited to the job I’m using it for.

I love you, Tiger <3

Ghosts of Bikes Past: Missing My Triumph Speed Triple

Ghosts of Bikes Past: Missing My Triumph Speed Triple

Is it completely ridiculous and irrational to miss a “thing” like a motorcycle? For the past week or so I’ve been thinking a lot about and missing my 05′ Triumph Speed Triple.

fuzzygalore triumph speed triple

At the time that the Speed Triple was my main ride, traveling with it seemed perfectly wonderful. Everything on that bike just felt right to me. I never really did mind it’s close quarters for luggage.

fuzzygalore speed triple

But…I suppose some love affairs just run their course.

In 2011, Kenny bought us a pair of Triumph Tiger 1050s. Based on long days in the saddle and the desire to travel more it seemed like a no-brainer to move from the svelt and stubby frame of the Speed Triple to a bike that was more upright and had luggage. He was right and my sweet Speedy sat unridden for almost a year following the Tiger’s arrival.

When the Speed Triple was sold, I couldn’t even be here at the house when the guy came to take it away. I was sad to learn that the new owner was hit by a car and the bike was destroyed. Thankfully, the rider was okay, but it hurt my heart to know that “my bike” was no more. What a strange feeling.

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