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…You Have Some Travel Plans?

…You Have Some Travel Plans?

On Friday before I set off for a weekend away on the bike, I posted a picture of my SPOT tracker on Instagram. (Because that’s what the kids are doing these days.)

fuzzygalore spot tracker

Fellow blogger and friend Brent (Sojourn Chronicles) asked:

“…You have some travel plans?”

It dawned on me that I have ALL of the travel plans. ALL OF ‘EM. I want to go everywhere (man).

Now how do I make that happen?

Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

My life’s To-Do List is a never-ending endeavor to see beautiful, fun, exciting, wondrous things in this world. Putting ideas on the list and daydreaming about them is almost as much fun as being able to mark them off as done. Almost.

These photos are some of the things I’ve been able to tick off and complete so far. They’re also a pick me up when I sit around feeling sorry for myself because  “I never go anywhere and I never do anything.”

I’ve still got more photos to add and things to post to my To Do List, but if I don’t get started now this will linger in draft forever-ever-ever-ever….

If you’ve got your own Bucket List or To Do List, share the link in the comments!


Throwback Thursday: Quit Whining, Go… or Don’t

Throwback Thursday: Quit Whining, Go… or Don’t

When I first met Kenny, we were both sportbike riders. We’d go out on long day rides in search of full lean and speed and get up to shenanigans we had no business getting up to. But, it wasn’t long after we’d met that our interest in strictly hooning around changed. The desire to get out of our comfort bubble and explore started to worm it’s way in. We’d managed to find a partner in each other who was willing to move at a familiar, comfortable pace and had a willingness to take a leap of faith.

As we started kicking around trip ideas, we never balked because we both rode sportbikes. Those were our bikes. If we wanted to travel, that’s what we had to travel on. Go or don’t, those were our choices.

So, we went…

ninjas in tennessee There were ninjas in Tennessee. ::karate chop::

At over 6ft tall, Kenny would fold himself up on his little 636 and ride hundreds and hundreds of miles. Yes, stops to stretch his legs were welcomed but the excitement of being out in the world trumped the discomfort.

Traveling on a sportbike was a no whining zone. It always came back to the same thing. Go, or don’t…

foggy blue ridge

Over time things have changed. We’re both on much more travel-friendly motorcycles these days. Even so, when I think back there was something sweet, some pleasure in the pain of those early road trips with Kenny. It was just us against leg cramps and sore bums and we won the battle.

Blogging About Motorcycle Travel – For the Rest of Us

Blogging About Motorcycle Travel – For the Rest of Us

Riding close to home
Staying Close to Home

I read a mountain of motorcycle blogs each day. In the last couple of years there seems to be a trend that has emerged across some of them. It is the idea that in order to have an “adventure” you must undertake an epic trip. Preferably on some giant behemoth of a bike with fancy luggage and everything but the kitchen sink strapped to it.

The rest of us knobs putzing around on the tarmac within the confines of the state where we live or the country in which we were born – well, that’s worthy of a pat on the head and an “aren’t you cute with your little motorcycle rides?”

I call “bullshit.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you have the time and resources to find yourself in far off corners of the world for months at a time – you are indeed doing something wonderful. I am here to say that no one appreciates the effort people make to write about their far-flung travels and share their photos and routes more than me. It’s the stuff my daydreams are made of.

But… if your time and resources keep you close to home  – don’t you dare feel like you’re doing something less than someone else or that it isn’t worth writing about.

Enthusiasm Trumps Mileage

The more blogs that I read, the more I discover that it’s really the authors enthusiasm that draws me in. Some people can travel across the US or through spectacular alpine passes and manage to write a blog post that is yawn worthy. Others can make their moped trip across town seem like something you’ve just got to try.

Motorcycling isn’t about having to fit into a mold or into an ideal set forth by someone else. It’s about you experiencing your world in the best way that you can. The value in a journey is not solely the number of miles it contains or the borders crossed but in the enjoyment and experiences you come away with.

Motorcycle Blogging For The “Un-Adventurous”

If you’ve been thinking about telling your story but have been holding back because you aren’t in the midst of some tremendous undertaking – don’t!

The biggest trip you’ll ever take happens every single day that you wake up and complete a rotation on the Earth. There’s your epic trip. Savor each day, enjoy each ride.

So if you’re out there, just a regular “un-adventurous” motorcyclist with a blog who doesn’t have the time to globe trot – it’s alright. Keep loving your life and keep sharing your un-adventures with the world. You just might be surprised to find out how inspiring it is to the people who read your posts.

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