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Being Haunted by The OTHER Roads

Being Haunted by The OTHER Roads

While reading the comments on the post The Universe Has Spoken – Explore More!, one by Raindog really cut close to home for me. Raindog said:

…I’ve been haunted by the OTHER roads. You know, the ones (dirt or paved) that you encounter in the middle of nowhere; the ones that spur left or right off the one you’re on; the ones that disappear over that far horizon; the ones that you might never get around to taking…

Yes. Yes, yes, yes!

How many times have you set aside an imaginary “next time” to try something? Sadly, I do it all the damned time. But, why? Fear? Is there some need for security or to follow a prescribed path?

Do you find yourself checking out the OTHER roads or do you have a laundry list of them for next time?

Big thanks to Raindog for reading and sparking my imagination with the great comment!

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