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The Last Day of November on the Fatty

The Last Day of November on the Fatty

The last day of November dawned bright blue. When I left the house in the morning it was nearly 50 degrees. It was a perfect day to pedal in to town for a glass of orange juice. That’s as good a reason as any to go somewhere, right?

fuzzygalore surly pugsley fatbike graffiti

I’d been looking around on the web for local trails and spaces to ride my bicycle through. Places I can’t go on my motorcycle. Some of them were hidden in plain sight and that discovery has been wonderful.

fuzzygalore surly pugsley fatbike

For me, bicycling is a new endeavor. Not “new” new, I’ve been riding a 2-wheeler since the age of 3. But new in that I know very little about gear and equipment and all of the trimmings. I don’t know if I could identify myself as a cyclist.

fuzzygalore hearts her surly pugsley

What I DO know is that I love riding my bicycle, I love being outside and I love traveling. That pretty much makes my Pugsley a perfect bike for me right now. I can really ride that chubby steamroller anywhere.

Riding With My Big Fat Husband

Riding With My Big Fat Husband

On Saturday Kenny and I went for a ride in the woods on fatbikes. Me on my Pugsley and Kenny on a borrowed Moonlander.

fuzzygalore surly pugsley fatbike

I should preface all this by saying that he isn’t really in to bicycles. He likes them, they’re fine, but he doesn’t wake up in the morning and say “Hey, I really want to go pedal around for a few hours.” Usually.

Sometime last week, out of the blue he looked at me and said “I’d like to go ride the trails with you on Saturday.” I was irrationally excited. I’ve been having such a great time riding in the local trails that I think I might have worn him down a little.

Aside from riding on singletrack in the woods, we traveled in and out along the sandy roads that run through the powerlines. The roads are a mix of sugar, rocks, and packed dirt. (I know his motorcycle heart was salivating the whole time.) The fatbikes just go over top of everything like steamrollers. With 4.8in tires the Moonlander is the granpappy of riding over… EVERYTHING.

fuzzygalore crudmop surly moonlander fatbike

In terms of motorcycles, Kenny went over to the darkside and barely rides street anymore. He loves his KTM so much I think he wants to marry it. With that in mind, it seems to me that riding a mountain bike or a fatbike and being able to cruise the woods legally would be a no brainer for him.

fuzzygalore crudmop surly moonlander fatbike ride

I suspect he’ll probably end up on a mountain bike. I *caught* him looking at some on his phone last night. 😀

Getting Fat at Caumsett State Park

Getting Fat at Caumsett State Park

My friend George was really the person who lit the fire in me to get a fatbike. Seeing his ride pushed me over the edge to buy a bicycle. It’s probably no surprise then that he’s the person that I have been riding with most often. He’s a good sport, the adventurous type and seems to be up for anything.

caumsett map

Since neither one of us had really spent any time there before, we made a plan to check out Caumsett State Park in Lloyd Harbor.

Prior to our fatbike ride, my only 2 visits to Caumsett State Park were for running events. I had never even ventured off of the paved path. When George and I rolled along the dirt road towards the beach it was really eye opening to see how big and wooded the park actually is. A great surprise. The park is diverse. It has beach front, trails, paved paths, dirt roads… a little of everything.

old rickety walkway

I love having the GoPro clicking away on my handlebars. It’s awesome to come home and see what it captured along the way.

fatbikes at caumsett

There is always some new-to-me beautiful thing, some unexpected site with each trip on the fatbike. It keeps driving home the idea that there is so little that I know about the world and about my surroundings. The only right thing to do would be to keep getting out there and soaking it all in. It’s would be a cryin’ shame to waste the beauty.

fatty the seal at caumsett

While we were pedaling around on the beach we spotted this fatty basking on a rock.

eroding cliffs at caumsett and a fatbike

Along the beachfront by the eroding cliffs, there were stripes of water that trickled down and worked their way towards the Sound. These muddy patches were like ice! I came very close to wiping out which of course would have been hysterical 😀

muddy tires fatbike
The mud was very clay-like and caked up on our tires very quickly. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

fatbike love on the beach

These two look like they’re in love. Long walks on the beach, sunsets… I wonder if 9 months they’ll be expecting a tricycle?

Non-Moto: The Adventures of Lord Chubbleton, My Surly Fatbike

Non-Moto: The Adventures of Lord Chubbleton, My Surly Fatbike

surly fatbike on the beachAll winter long I’ve been wrapped up doing other things with my free time that don’t involve motorcycles. I did manage to squeeze in a ride on the Tiger a few weekends ago but since then – I’ve been doing a different sort of 2-wheeled riding.

Right after Christmas I got myself a Surly Pug Ops fatbike. I’d seen some photos of bikes cruising the beach and riding in the snow and thought – Damn, I wanna do that! Being that I live on a island, beaches are easy to come by.

Now, I’m not knowledgeable at all about bicycles. I know where my feet go, where my hands go and that I like the way that I feel when I ride them but that’s about it.

So far, it seems that’s all I need to know right now.

fatbike robert moses beach

I have a couple friends who are very much into cycling. They ride road bikes, mountain bikes, fatbikes, and motorbikes. They’ve been nice enough to invite me along on their bike rides.

I’ve been out pedaling in the snow with my friend Catfish. He’s got a super 4.8″ fat-tired Surly Moonlander.

catfish fatbike in the snow

For St. Fatty’s Day, I went on my first group ride at the beach:

st fattys day group ride

I’d read about the St. Fatty’s Day ride on a fatbike Facebook group, where I don’t actually known anyone. Being socially awkward and weird, I tend to immediately assume everyone will hate me so I don’t often go out to meet big groups. I wavered on whether or not I should attend. I’m so happy I did. It was a great ride.

In a throwback to what it was like meeting new people to ride with when I first started riding motorcycles, I had no idea what the ride etiquette was or if there was any would be. Do people expect to ride together? Do you need to ‘keep up’? Do you just ride your own ride?

Maybe it’s different for road biking but as soon as we hit the sand, the group naturally sorted itself by ability. I rode alone for a little while and then fell in with 2 other fatbike riders who were moving at my comfortable pace. We chit-chatted and took in the sights at Robert Moses Beach out to Democratic Point.  What an awesome day.

And, now I know. It’s the same old story – Ride your own ride.

I’ve also been spending time riding with my friend George. He ride a Charge Cooker and is gung ho to do just about anything. We’ve been putting in some long hours in the saddle checking out the shoreline.

me and george on the beach

Chubbleton has been making it easy for me to get to places I might not be inclined to walk to. Let’s face it, riding a bicycle is waaaaay more fun than walking.

It’s been fun taking on a new adventure.

surly atbike ont eh beach