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Trade Show Swag: Something Actually Motorcycle-Useful

Trade Show Swag: Something Actually Motorcycle-Useful

If you work in corporate America and have been to a trade show – you’ve probably come home with more stress balls and pens than you know what to do with. Well, looky-looky… finally some take home junk that’s useful: a small solar, USB battery.

Since I don’t have an auxiliary juice plug on the Bonnie, I’m hoping that if I need it, this little battery will do the trick. Realistically speaking, the most top-off charging I ever do is for my phone or maybe my Sena headset. I don’t need much.

I have yet to deplete my phone battery down to zero and charge it to 100%, so I’m not definitively sure how long that would take or how many full charges this battery would give my phone. I’m guessing one full charge. Looking around the web at similarly-sized batteries, they say about 2 hours from flat to full for an iPhone. All in all, this just seems like a nice little just in case that doesn’t take up any extra room.

I’ve been leaving the battery in my tankbag window. I’ve also secured a ring on the back of it and clipped it to my tailbag. That wouldn’t work out so well if it were raining but in the dry? Seems okay. Even partially blocked, it’s still picking up rays. The battery’s indicator lights say it is staying fully powered.

Best of all? It was free. If it doesn’t work out, I won’t feel bad about tossing it.

Between this and the super little LED flashlight, I’d say the trade show swags buyers are stepping up their game.