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Dollar Store Haiku: Candy Trickery

Yummy Snickers bar My Dollar Store treasure pot 3 for one dollar What is going on? Why do my eyes deceive me? Surely, you must jest. Evil game played here Dastardly plan of trickery,...

The Best of Youtube: Moto Training 7

The Best of Youtube: Moto Training

Every once in a while a video comes along the interweb super-duper-highway of all things, that just stays with you. It finds a nice, cozy, little place to park in the deep and cobwebby corners of your subconscious.


Road Trip: Visiting Deals Gap with the Gang

Back from the Gap. “Hmm.. how DID i get this sexy? ” Overlook at the Dragon – Click to view enlarged: DRDaytona, Me, VifferVixen,Crudmop,L8RG8R,IRR,Windshear Saturday April 22, 2006 The alarm rang out in the...