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Throwback Thursday: Be Still My Heart, It’s a Burgermobile

Throwback Thursday: Be Still My Heart, It’s a Burgermobile

Yeah, there’s a giant hamburgermobile filling up on pump one. No big whoop.

fuzzygalore hamburger car

Are you kidding me? My head almost exploded with the total greatness of serendipitously running into the hamburgermobile a few years back. Even my generally nonchalant honeybun, Kenny was impressed.

There are a few more pics of burgermobile greatness on the original post, in case you missed it.

Also – I can’t believe I used to ride that behemoth GS. Can’t say I miss it!

Sights from the Road: Super-Duper Patriotic House in Connecticut

Sights from the Road: Super-Duper Patriotic House in Connecticut

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking. I rode past this house last weekend and it took me about 1/4 of a mile to decide to swing back to get a better look and take a photo of it.

patriotic house in connecticut

I wonder if it’s always like this or if it is just dressed up for the 4th of July? A big part of me hopes it’s always like that. The world is much more interesting with eccentric people in it.

Happy Independence Day, Y’all.

Is There a Registry of Air Mail Boxes?

Is There a Registry of Air Mail Boxes?

If there isn’t, maybe there should be. I know of 3 such Air Mail boxes, all of which I stumbled across in the wild.

Was there a time when these things were all the rage? I almost want to make one for my own house just because they’re so silly.

This one on Route 8 near Otis, Ma. is one that I’ve passed dozens of times. I finally stopped to snap a picture of the weekend.

air mail box

I saw this one back in August of 2009 – Route 23 in Hillsdale, NY

And finally in a rather serendipitous twist of fate, while visiting a friend’s new house last summer – their neighbor had an Air Mail box. Perhaps it is a sign that I need one in my life.

Have you ever seen an Air Mail box?


Thanks to the oracle (RoadsideAmerica.com)  and some quickie Google searching, here are some more Air Mail boxes:

If you have pictures or links to posts on your blog, please leave a comment, too!


My friend Hammy, saw this one near Mohnton, Pa!

hammys air mail box

Scenes from a Fairy Tale – A Massachusetts Gingerbread House

Scenes from a Fairy Tale – A Massachusetts Gingerbread House

During this year’s Berkshire Big Adventure ride, like Hansel and Gretel we followed the crumbs on a route sheet in and around the forrest. Through trees and ruts, mud and rocks we traversed the trail. Little did we know that it would bring us to an actual gingerbread house!

santarella ginerbread house

Santarella – Gingerbread House

Because I was the caboose+1 in our ride and following along with our fearless leader, initially I rode right by the place. About 300 yards past it, I couldn’t resist and pulled a quick U-ey and went back for a look.

Unfortunately the gate was closed so we didn’t get to go any further than the front driveway. But a quick look around their website and a Flickr search will give you a good peek into what it’s like inside.

Oh, and today is your lucky day. It appears that the property is for sale. For a cool 2.3 mil this fairy tale could be all yours.

Pretty neat, huh?

Photos From Flickr – Hover for Photo Credits:
MA - Santarella studio front
photo: Smythe Richbourg on Flickr

Santarella - The Gingerbread House
photo: Michael Femia on Flickr

Road Tripping: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barns

Road Tripping: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barns

While we were in West Virginia, you can bet your boots that I had jotted down a few Mail Pouch barns that were in the general vicinity. West Virginia is the home of Mail Pouch Tobacco after all. As a matter of fact there were several barns right on Route 50, which is the main artery into where we were staying in Romney.

Knowing my penchant for the ole barn paintings, Kathy even incorporated a stop at one into our ride:

mail pouch tobacco barn

I know that these paintings are often on “work” buildings.  And so, I can’t expect farmers to invest a lot in to the care of the murals but all the same, I feel sad when a sign is at the tail end of its life.

This little shed was along Route 50 about 10 miles east of the Koolwink Motel. I don’t recall ever seeing the phrase “Regular or Sweet” painted on any of the barns I’ve visited before. It’s usually “Treat Yourself to the Best.”
mail pouch barn route 50 west virginia

A nice 2 sided barn, also on Route 50 east of Romney:

mail pouch barn east of romney

This was one of those situations where I felt weird about walking on to someone’s property. It’s tempting but I generally keep my distance.

mail pouch barn route 50

Following Route 50 about 10 miles west of Romney there were 2 more barns. The first one, nearly falling down, was in a precarious spot that didn’t allow me any space to pull off to take a picture so I just kept going. The second one, a mile further on was a nice 3-sided number in a lovely farm setting:
3 sided mail pouch barn near romney

Seeing the barn tucked in amongst the farm gates, rustic fencing and a dirt road leading up into a rolling hill was the perfect end to a great day of riding.

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